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Greer Childers is a legend in weight loss and fitness. This legend created the Abdonda program. All dieters have to do is breathe as instructed and they will lose weight. The before and after photos on the official website are a bit extraordinary. The abdominal muscles are small compared to the muscles of the lower body and they burn very few calories. Breathing exercises may help the dieter strengthen abdominals and increase core strength, but that does not burn the same amount of calories and traditional cardio exercises. The product description claims dieters lose 75 to 80 percent of weight in fat and they only have to workout for seven minutes a day.

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Workout program with breathing exercises by Greer Childers.

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As they say about every important decision in life, “If it appears too good to be true it probably is.” Greer Childers wants dieters to believe they can breathe, engaging the diaphragm, and lose tons of weight. The testimonials on the Abdonda website are fantastic. Dieters lose 50 to 100 pounds on this program, but there is likely more to these weight loss stories than a simple set of 7 minute breathing exercises.

The Abdonda program includes CDs, DVDs, tracking logs and the 7 Secrets Diet/Lifestyle Program. We are pretty sure the weight loss shown in the testimonials is a result of the weight loss program included with Abdonda and not the breathing exercises. According to a brief statement at the bottom of the official website, typical weight loss results are six pounds in 14 days. This is far less than the weight loss depicted in the before and after photos.

Abdonda $22.97 for the complete weight loss kit. This price is far lower than other kits of this nature, but we are certain working out 7 minutes a day is not going to increase metabolism or calorie burn. There is no information about the diet and lifestyle program included with Abdonda.

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  • There is an official website with before and after photos and testimonials.
  • Abdonda supports healthy eating, lifestyle changes and exercise.
  • There is a money-back guarantee.


  • Dieters will not lose 50 to 100 pounds using the workout DVD alone.
  • The testimonials do no depict average weight loss.
  • Dieters may be fooled into believing they can workout less than one hour a week and lose weight.


Abdonda is an abdominal exercise program with diet and lifestyle tips for weight loss. The visitor sees the Abdonda program and 7 minute workouts as the answer to losing 100 pounds, in some cases, but the average weight loss is much lower. This program offers too little information for the dieter to make an educated decision.

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    Carolyn Weller

    Please cancel the charge to my Discover card and refund my money effective immediately. I cannot find a phone number for Abdonda. Thank you.