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Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

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ABGymnic is an electronic muscle toning device. It straps onto the stomach, arms, legs or back and uses electronic pulses to contract the muscles and give the illusion of exercise. It has several settings and can be used for different durations. This allows the user to start at a comfortable place and work up to harder workouts.

Available for under twenty dollars, ABGymnic is much cheaper than many other similar products. It does involve the use of a lubricant and batteries; that will be a constant cost for the user.

The advertisements for this product bill it as a way to mimic real exercise “without lifting a finger” and claim that users will see results within a month of use.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. Since this equipment, it has no ingredients.

Product Features

The ABGymnic causes muscle contractions to the part of the body it is attached to. This “work” helps tone, sculpt and define those muscles, it is claimed.

ABGymnic does admit that this works best in conjunction with a regular physical exercise routine, but still makes promises about “muscle definition from the comfort of your couch.”

ABGymnic is small and portable. Travel doesn’t have to prevent this part of a weight loss attempt.

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  • It is cheaper than similar products.
  • It does involve muscle work.
  • ABGymnic may be helpful for those with sedentary lifestyles or jobs. It can be used where real physical exertion may be impossible.
  • There are no supplements or chemical side effects to ABGymnic since it’s just equipment.


  • There is no money-back guarantee for ABGymnic.
  • Many of the “easy exercise” promises sound too good to be true. Real physical exercise is important for weight loss and can’t be perfectly mimicked by batteries.
  • Some users complain about unreasonable muscle soreness or skin irritation after using ABGymnic.
  • There is no supplementary diet information to go with this product.
  • ABGymnic does not use any helpful thermogenic fat burning supplements.
  • ABGymnic might actually be counter-productive if the users see it as a substitute for actual exercise.
  • Online customer reviews are not positive. Positive ones only claim a little help; negative ones claim that ABGymnic is worthless.


ABGymnic comes with a lot of big promises of quick, easy muscle tone. It’s not particularly expensive. It’s portable and simple to use. The electronic muscle stimulation should improve the body within a month, but is probably more effective for people already in an exercise routine.

It is not clear, however that ABGymnic will really produce results. Customers don’t usually substantiate the advertising promises. The units may be cheap in quality as well as price. It has not been scientifically demonstrated that ABGymnic units really trim fat. Those who are serious about losing weight should probably not rely on this gadget for substantial results.

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  • 1
    John W.

    I bought AbGymnic back in November 2015, and I have been struggling to get the battery inside of the device, but it won’t stay in place. Can somebody please explain to me about how to place the battery inside the device so I can finally start using the AbGymnic belt? I need help for real.


    Stephen (Editor)

    Wow, you’ve had it a while john. If it’s not fitting right by now maybe the product is defective. Try calling the company to see if you can exchange the product for a new one.


  • 2

    I’ll let y’all know in 2 weeks I’m waiting on the ups truck to deliver it today.sho I’ll get back to y’all in that.


  • 3

    I bought the AB Transform and felt like it was working. I used in the afternoon while I was watching my daytime TV shows and would be sitting for a half hour. It did work, but the gel pads are very expensive ($15 for Four) – I am now considering buying the Quad Channel that uses gel instead of pads. You do have buy the gel, but it is cheaper and easier to obtain. Good Luck


  • 4

    give me its useage….!!!!!



    I bought one and it hasnt gel in it, so what do I have to do or can I use it without gel?? Please help me


    Your Name

    instructions say gel or water



    You need gel/or water to get the Muscle function for the belt


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