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The Ab King is an exercise machine that claims to target all abdominal muscles and work them into shape in as less as three minutes per day. It has been heavily advertised on TV as the six-pack machine, promoting quick abdominal exercise without the extra effort, and the machine was supposedly designed for use by both beginners and athletes. According to Ab King, the fluidity of its design allows dieters to move easily with minimal effort, while providing a substantial work out for all core muscles, and it supposedly targets them so well that dieters only need to put in a couple of minutes per day, provided they also include healthy diet and exercise. Current testimonials are mixed about this product.

As Seen On TV exercise machines are a cause for worry due to unsubstantiated claims and ineffectiveness, and The Ab King may be another example. It only requires a few minutes of use, which immediately raises some warning flags about how well it works, and the price is another issue — expect to pay $149.99 for this simple machine. Let’s look into how it works.

Product Features

The Ab King claims to offer back and neck support while allowing full motion while using their device which they say offers new and challenging motions to be enforced on the abdominal muscles. The range of motion is said to speed up workout time allowing dieters to only use it three minutes per day. Sound too good to be true? Current evidence does not agree with the Ab King on this point. Evidence states that abdominal strength training along with cardio is the fastest, and best, way to form those “six pack abs”, and weight training or abdominal exercises are not enough to cause this effect. Perhaps the Ab King does provide a substantial abdominal workout, but it is consistently stated cardio exercise is also essential in the bodybuilding process.

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  • Is widely available on the internet.
  • Is said to accommodate people of all fitness levels.


  • Costs nearly $150.00.
  • Does not provide evidence about how its specific exercises provide a harder abdominal workout.
  • Using an abdominal device may not be enough to reveal those “six pack abs”.


The Ab King makes hefty claims alongside an expensive price, but it really cannot be determined if it does provide a substantial workout. It is doubtful it will immediately help dieters form six pack abs however, and this usually requires cardio in addition to abdominal exercises. There are certainly other products that claim the same effects without the expensive price, however. It still may provide a unique approach to abdominal exercise but don’t expect miracles.

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    I want know what material use in the abking? and how do product


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    i am a healthy boy.age16+.100kg