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The Ab Lounge is an abdominal exercise machine that claims to work all of the abdominal muscles by sitting upright on its unique machine which resembles a chair. There are different settings for desired resistances and it allows you to sit down and perform upright crunches while watching your favorite movie and lessening the confusion and pain of performing regular crunches. Sold worldwide throughout many retail stores including Wal-Mart and Target, Ab Lounge has been a staple of infomercial exercise equipment and today also features an “Ultra” version of its Ab Lounge which is said to offer more support and resistance.

The simplicity of this device is its biggest attractor, but some do question the legitimacy of The Ab Lounge. Can it really work all of the abdominal muscles with less effort? Normally these types of devices don’t deliver the type of results it claims to have, but surprisingly enough trainers and dieters alike have endorsed the Ab Lounge as an easy but grueling workout. Now that the Ab Lounge is available worldwide, you simply need to pay the $109.00 price tag to try it for yourself. Others are not too convinced it may offer all of the benefits it says it has, however.

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The Ab Lounge is designed around two principals: to offer support to the neck and back while also offering an easy mode of exercise. According to numerous testimonials, it delivers on both principals so incidents of back and neck strains are rarely reported. The only issue is the reported flimsiness of the device, which is said to break down frequently. The support and easiness of performing the exercises on the Ab Lounge isn’t the issue here, however, it is how well it exercises all of the abdominals while in an upright device. Most reviews are mixed. Trainers and consumers alike state that although performing the exercises was easy, there were a lack of results. Some speculate this is due to the lessened strain of the exercise itself, and offering an easier way to exercise the abdominals may actually backfire and not exercise them efficiently enough.

Nevertheless, the Ab Lounge will be a popular device for years to come, but it only serves one specific purpose.

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  • The Ab Lounge is an alternative for people with neck or back pain.
  • The Ab Lounge is available worldwide online and in retail stores.


  • Consumers report it did not provide noticeable results to the abdominal region.
  • Device may be at risk for breakage.
  • Only works one core part of the body.


The Ab Lounge is extremely popular because of its unique and hassle-free design but according to numerous testimonials, it may not provide enough results to be considered a long term investment. Exercise is highly recommended when on any diet to help shape and firm the body but it is important to research and find the perfect fit for you. If you would like a simpler way to exercise the abs, you may want to look into alternatives (such as Ab Lounge) instead of crunches but for overall exercise, adding additional equipment is also a wise idea.

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