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The Abs & Chest of Steel was first released in 1994 as a VHS tape. It was part of a series of video cassette tapes focusing on weight training and bodybuilding. We could not find a DVD version of the workout video; so many dieters may find it difficult to find a compatible video cassette player to watch the Abs & Chest of Steel video. Customer reviews and testimonials are available for the program, but most are dated from more than 10 years ago. The video focuses on a home workout that does not require expensive equipment.

List of Ingredient

Home workout for abs and chest.

Product Features

The Abs & Chest of Steel program was one in a long line of video cassette workout programs that aimed to bring hard core fitness to the living room. The programs are known for being intense but they do not require expensive equipment to complete each workout program. Reviews of the Abs & Chest of Steel claim the workouts are aimed at people who are already in shape. This concept leaves out the average dieter who is just starting an exercise program.

The Abs & Chest of Steel VHS tape runs 40 minutes. With the introduction and explanation of exercises, we assume the total workout will last about 30 minutes. During that time, the instructor alternates between chest exercises and abdominal exercises. Dumbbells are used during the workout, so the follower would have to purchase one or more sets of dumbbells to complete the Abs & Chest of Steel VHS.

Complaints about the program are mostly centered on the level of difficulty. Viewers also complain that the instructor does not count out the repetitions for push-ups, which makes it difficult to follow the program because the television cannot be viewed from a push-up position.

The Abs & Chest of Steel VHS tape sells for $9 plus shipping and handling.

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  • Intense workout for the chest and ab muscles.
  • May increase heart rate and metabolism if exercises are completed quickly.
  • Sells for less than most workout DVDs.


  • The program is for people with an established fitness level.
  • VHS tape players may be difficult to find.
  • The program is not available on DVD.
  • Does not offer a dedicated cardio portion.


Abs & Chest of Steel is a VHS workout program that aims to improve chest and ab strength. From the testimonials, we gather the program is much harder than beginner programs. The dieter may wish to start out with a lower intensity program before graduation to Abs & Chest of Steel. The added cost of dumbbells may be more than some dieters are willing to pay for such a dedicated program.

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