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Published in 2007, this 384-page book was a New York Times bestseller. The author, David Zinczenko is an editor for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines. He also wrote The Abs Diet before adapting this second book for women.

This diet is direct in its aims. It is intended for women, particularly addressing osteoporosis prevention, menopausal symptoms, and a post-partum workout. The book even claims to increase female sexual response!

The other specific goal of the diet is for abs–the book aims to flatten the stomach and firm up a woman’s core-body in 6 weeks. As much as anyone would want a flat-stomach, the underlying rationale of The Abs Diet for Women is that dealing with stomach fat is one of the foundational steps for feeling healthier and better. So there is a broader goal behind it all–feel better and live healthier.

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The Abs Diet for Women begins with several chapters that explain the research and reasoning behind the diet. It explains recent breakthroughs in nutrition that have led to this diet. It also argues that low-carb diets actually make you fat and proceeds to recommend all the details of a new diet designed for burning belly-fat. The book also includes a section on the psychological aspects of sticking with a diet.

The final chapters include several specific topics, such as how to have lean legs, how The Abs Diet for Women can help with female hormones, and how Mom’s can incorporate the plan with the rest of their busy lives.

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  • The author is a very qualified writer and readers can be confident that the information is fairly accurate.
  • The diet recognizes the realities of aggressive diets–motivation and psychology are often as important as the diet itself! The sections addressing these issues are very helpful.
  • The Abs Diet for Women never claims that simple tricks can make weight loss easy. Plain and simple, it combines good nutrition with rigorous exercise.


  • As often happens, The Abs Diet for Women is almost identical in its core content to the same book for men. There is little unique material to differentiate the two.
  • Considering the number of different diets that become new fads every year, it is hard to wonder if this is not just another. Can it really be true that the key to better healthy lies in having a flat stomach? How do you choose the best diet out of the myriad that are out there, when all of them claim that every other diet is wrong?
  • A number of people that try the diet complain that it simply doesn’t work–they don’t have flat abs in 6 weeks. Quite simply, the claims of weight-loss are exaggerated. If you hope for the diet to do what it promises, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t.


Like most of the faddish diets, The Abs Diet for Women certainly has some legitimate insights and helpful information. But readers shouldn’t expect immediate or dramatic results, and they should understand this diet against the backdrop of all the others that have also hit the market. Quite simply, good diets are never as simple as one secret or a perfect plan.

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    i have read over and over the abs diet 12. i love most of the foods that are suggested. do i really need the whey powder and the flaxseed? if i eat one of the power 12 for snack how much is too much i.e. berries or other fruit. i have started looking at the ingre list on foods. how can it has $100 whole grain but have 3 or less grams of fiber.
    what brand of peanut butter is close to being natural? does the low fat help at all?