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The Abs Diet Online is an online subscription to a service that mirrors the Abs Diet books. Using this service, you can find recipes, read articles, find other people who are also following the diet, or log your progress.

David Zinczenko is the author of the New York Times bestseller books, and the mind behind the Abs Diet Online. He has extensive experience in fitness, and believes that the condition of your abs is the primary indicator of your health overall. Therefore, this diet aims to eliminate belly fat through a very specific diet plan and regular exercise.

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Product Features

The Abs Diet Online offers an extensive library of recipes and other ways to make the diet easier to stomach. This includes a large library of articles and nutrition research.

You can log your progress, noting how consistent you have been with the diet and how significant your progress has been. You can also get in contact with a reasonably large online community and compare notes with other people that are on the diet.

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  • David Zinczenko does have an impressive amount of experience in diet research and those who use the diet can be confident that the information is accurate.
  • Quite cleary, the Abs Diet online takes advantage of the interactive power of the internet and takes diet plans to a new level.
  • Users can try the service for one month for free.


  • The cost of the Abs Diet online is $45.50 for four months. At this cost, the subscription may be 3-4 times the cost of the book, and when it’s over you don’t own anything.
  • Some of the advertised expectations of weight-loss are over-stated. There are almost always examples of people that followed a diet with incredible results. That doesn’t mean it will automatically work for you the same way. For instance, the web-site says that you can still burn fat and have great abs if you opt out of the workout program and only use the diet. Is it really reasonable to think that my abs can look good without exercise?
  • Accountability is a wonderful thing. But the internet is probably the worst place to expect to find accountability. Avoiding other people in the community is as simple as not logging on.


It is great to see the Abs Diet online, using the power of new technology to address an old problem. The always, everywhere access to these resources as well as the accountability of a community is certainly positive. But unfortunately, this program is likely to be like many gym memberships–you pay the monthly fees and never take advantage of the service.

This weakness is increased by the unrealistic promises of the diet plan. After people read impossibly good testimonials, they will expect the same results for themselves and be disappointed when it doesn’t happen Reality is that this diet will not have any results unless people are willing to completely upset their entire lifestyle.

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