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Abs on the Ball is a self-help book designed to instruct the reader about using an exercise ball to improve abdominal strength and definition. The book is written by Colleen Craig, author of Pilates on the Ball and other self-help books. The book was published in a limited run with only 25,000 copies, many of which are available from discount retailers like Amazon.com for a fraction of the original sales price.

List of Ingredients

Book on abdominal exercises using an exercise ball.

Product Features

Abs on the Ball includes more than 100 exercises to define and strengthen abdominal muscles. The reader needs to purchase a small and large exercise ball to complete the exercises described. Instructions are supported with more than 250 pictures and detailed descriptions. In addition to describing specific exercises, Abs on the Ball includes workouts lasting 15 to 20 minutes for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced. The exercises are based on Pilates movements and, according to a few of the pictures we found, some carry a huge degree of difficulty.

Having a strong set of core muscles is important to reducing back pain and maintaining a good posture. Abdominal muscles are not; however, the most effective muscles to work when trying to lose weight. Larger muscle groups, like the muscles of the legs, burn more calories when in motion and at rest. Building new muscle results in a higher metabolism and additional weight loss. Abdominal muscles, however, burn very few calories and have little to no impact on metabolism. About 10 calories are burned for every minute at a pace of 50 sit-ups per minute. That pace cannot be maintained for 30 to 45 minutes, the optimal workout time.

There are various reviews of the Abs on the Ball book, but none on the official website. Some consumers are concerned that no DVD accompanies the book making it difficult to perform the exercises.

The Abs on the Ball book sells for $12.95 from Amazon.com. The official price is nearly $20 from the Colleen Craig website.

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  • Uses exercises balls to perform abdominal exercises.
  • The book is cheaper than other fitness books.


  • Requires the purchase of at least two exercise balls.
  • Some exercises may be too difficult for some dieters.
  • Exercise balls may have a weight limit.
  • Abdominal muscles burn few calories.


At a rate of 10 calories per minute, performing abdominal exercises is not an effective exercise for weight loss. The dieter would have to perform more than 1,200 sit-ups to burn enough calories per workout to boost fat burn. The book comes with photographs and illustrations, but there is no way to see these illustrations when attempting the exercise.

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