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Belly fat or the tummy area is a common trouble spot for many Americans. The visceral fat you accumulate in your midsection is often the cause of type 2 diabetes, coronary problems, and some forms of cancer. This is why it is important to eliminate this belly fat. There are a number of dietary supplements that are claimed to specifically address excess fat in the tummy region. One of these products is Abs+, which is brought to you by Genuine Health. It sells for around $32 per bottle online, and comes in the form of softgels.


  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
  • Green Tea Extract

Product Features

Abs+ softgels may help promote a leaner body, boost the metabolism, and reduce belly fat. This formula is taken daily, and you are supposed to see real results in 90 days. This supplement is described as all-natural, and is fine for women and men. In order to use Abs+, you simply take three softgels twice daily, along with meals. If you wish to take this diet product longer than 12 weeks, you need to consult a doctor first.

There are two active ingredients used in Abs+ softgels. One of these is Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is also known as CLA. It is claimed to reduce belly fat and help you maintain lean muscle tissue. Green Tea Extract is the other major ingredient, and it offers EGCG and caffeine to boost the metabolism and improve energy levels. Together these ingredients may help reduce excess body fat in the midsection. Just to be clear, this weight loss supplement is not approved by the FDA. Some of the customer reviews found online for Abs+ are not supportive of this product.

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  • Only two key ingredients are used in Abs+, which keeps it simple.
  • This formula may help you burn off excess fat before using muscle tissue.


  • There are some negative user reviews posted online for Abs+.
  • No regular exercise routine is mentioned with this supplement.
  • There is no low-calorie diet plan addressed with this product.
  • There are alternative weight loss supplements available that are more promising.


If you are considering Abs+ softgels for weight management, you should speak with a licensed physician beforehand. After all, this supplement does not get a lot of good feedback from dieters. Also, it is certainly not as promising as other weight loss pills on the market today. Although this supplement does offer Green Tea and CLA, there are no appetite suppressants used, and there is no healthy lifestyle encouraged with this formula. You should also keep in mind that you need to take six softgels per day, which means a bottle will only last you 15 days.

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    is it safe to use after expiration date? The bottle I have expired APril 2014. It’s now July — 4 months passed expiry date?