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The Absolo is a simple machine for working out your abs. As you sit up, you throw a medicine ball at a target before taking another ball to repeat the same process. The Absolo is intended to make sit-ups fun and also increase the amount of weight-resistance in a sit-up.

Some gyms have had an Absolo machine, but this version (the PT 1000) is intended for consumers. It is a simple way to simulate buddy-exercises without needing a partner.

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Product Features

The Absolo includes a full warranty.

The machine also comes with two medicine balls, though you will need to buy heavier weights as you progress.

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  • Throwing medicine balls at a target is more fun than doing simple crunches or sit-ups.
  • The Absolo increases the effectiveness of crunches or sit-ups by adding more weight and increasing the range of motion.
  • If you pay this much money for a machine, you’ll probably want to use it and end up doing more sit-ups!


  • The machine costs $600. This is extremely expensive when considering that it is only one kind of workout and will still require additional medicine balls as you progress. And this doesn’t include shipping, which can run another $75 to $400, depending on where you are located! On the other hand, other similarly-priced machines can do multiple workouts.
  • The advertising for the Absolo includes impossible expectations, such as “see results in 90 seconds” or “have tight sexy abs.” There is no up-front indication of the amount of time and effort it would take to actually see these kinds of results.
  • The kind of results advertised require large amounts of time and effort. But is the Absolo still fun after spending that kind of time?
  • The machine is large and would take up too much space in most average homes.
  • The warranty on most components of the machine is only for one year.
  • If you make any significant progress, you will probably need to buy heavier medicine balls. But if you use any kind of medicine balls other than official Absolo balls (which you can buy from the company) it will void your warranty.


Like many such machines, the advertising for this machine promises too much. Unfortunately, some consumers will buy the machine hoping to see the kind of results it promises “in 90 seconds a day.” But quite simply, the Absolo or any other machine works only as much as you use it. If you want great looking abs, you will have to be on it constantly.

In addition, the price is simply too high. For this amount of money, the machine should be able to do more than only exercise your abs. If you want to spend money like this on an exercise machine, you should consider something that includes multiple kinds of exercises.

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    Chris Sanderson

    Did the Absolo company go out of business? And if so, do you have any idea why? Was there something wrong with the product? I thought this would be a fun addition to our gym but cannot get ahold of the product or company.