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Losing weight can be a real drag. Especially if it is not happening. You try and try to cut calories and workout regularly, but you might not see the results you are after. This is when you need to consider an alternative weight loss method. Maybe you need to add a little something to your diet plan and exercise regimen. One weight management supplement to consider is Absolute Green Coffee, which is brought to you by Absolute Nutrition. This product contains Svetol, and is free of binders, fillers, and artificial ingredients. Absolute Green Coffee is available for a retail rate of $27.99 (60 capsules), but can be acquired online for $19.99 per bottle.


  • Green Coffee Bean Extract Std. to 50% Total Chlorogenic Acid 600mg
  • Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea canephora) Std. to 50% Total Polyphenols & 45% Total Chlorogenic Acids 200mg
  • Vegetable Cellulose

Product Features

Absolute Green Coffee needs to be taken twice daily, 30 minutes before meals, and with a full glass of water (two capsules). It is a dietary supplement that may help reduce body fat and assist with overall weight management. This formula is not okay for people under the age of 18. While it does contain some caffeine, it is only the equivalent of a half a cup of coffee or less.

Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract is the important ingredient found in Absolute Green Coffee. It basically contains Chlorogenic Acids, which may help with body fat reduction. These natural acids help the body store less fat and encourage fat to be utilized as energy. You do receive antioxidants and polyphenols from Absolute Green Coffee capsules. There is no special diet or workout schedule recommended with this diet formula.

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  • This diet formula offers polyphenols.
  • The key ingredient was featured on Dr. Oz.
  • User reviews are posted on websites like Amazon.


  • There are some complaints about this supplement not working as claimed.
  • Some users complained about the quality of Absolute Green Coffee.
  • One user complained of very high blood pressure after using this supplement.
  • No appetite suppressants are found in this diet product.


It appears that Green Coffee Bean Extract is becoming all the rage recently. This ingredient has been talked about on Dr. Oz, and it is now used in countless weight management supplements. However, this does not mean products like Absolute Green Coffee are as effective as they are claimed to be. While this supplement is free of harsh stimulants, it can obviously still lead to problems. Hence the customer reviews for this product on Amazon. It is wise to speak with a real doctor before even trying a weight loss formula like Absolute Green Coffee.

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