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Absolute Nutrition is a brand of herbal dietary supplements. They offer a variety of products including C Block, F Block, NoPhedra, Watershed, and Thyroid T3. Each of the products has a unique purpose that relates to dieting. Absolute Nutrition also offers many of these products in various combinations.

Absolute Nutrition seeks to use natural and safe ingredients, and they commit to testing all raw materials before they are packaged.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients vary according to the product.

Product Features

CBlock contains Trim Plex, which is extracted from white kidney beans and is intended to block how carbs are normally absorbed.

FBlock is intended to block fat from being absorbed.

NoPhedra boosts metabolism and thermogenesis without using ephedra or other stimulants. This is a powerful and safe product.

Watershed is a natural diuretic, designed to take away bloating without using caffeine.

Thyroid T3 is intended for low-calorie diets. It works by raising active thyroid hormone and metabolic rates.

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  • Absolute Nutrition uses natural components in all of their products.
  • All of the products include full nutritional information and all of the information you need to make informed decisions. Pay special attention to the extensive fact sheet which can be downloaded for each product.
  • Absolute Nutrition makes accurate and fair claims for their products rather than the unrealistic marketing that often accompanies other supplements.
  • Absolute Nutrition generally offers better prices than other companies, such as General Nutrition. However, their prices could still be cheaper than they are.


  • Some of the products could be misused dangerously. Watershed in particular, should be used with care. It is also unclear what the long-term effects of Thyroid T3 would be, but thyroid hormones are powerful chemical components.
  • Some of the products, such as CBlock and FBlock have unproven effectiveness.
  • NoPhedra is a powerful product because it uses thermogenesis for fat-burning. The only weakness of the product is that it includes caffeine, which can put additional stress on the heart and kidneys.
  • One fault of the Absolute Nutrition products is that they do not sufficiently emphasize exercise or the other aspects of good nutrition. Dietary supplements can be quite helpful, but they are always just that–dietary supplements. Without the other necessary foundations, they cannot help anyone lose weight.


Absolute Nutrition offers a well-balanced line of products. Some have untested effectiveness; others could have dangerous side-effects if not used very carefully. The best product Absolute Nutrition offers is certainly NoPhedra–the thermogenic fat burner. With good understanding, balanced nutrition, and regular exercise, some of these products could be helpful, though better versions of them exist elsewhere in the market. In addition, the products could be cheaper for the amount that they supply.

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