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What You Should Know

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Absolute Nutrition Watershred is one of the many products available from the Absolute Nutrition company. The company does not try to make the product look like something it is not. It plainly states it is a water weight loss relief product. We will take a look at the product to see if there is any value for customers who are looking to lose weight.

List Of Ingredients

Absolute Nutrition Watershred contains: potassium gluconate, cornsilk stylus, couchgrass rhizome, rose hips extract, elecampane root, goldenrod herb, celery seed extract, dandelion root extract, uva ursi, and parsley extract.

Product Features

Potassium is included in the formula to help keep levels normal, because diuretics generally lead to a deficiency. Dandelion root is an effective way to treat fluid retention. Uva Ursi is a diuretic that will pull excess water from the body. It is used in a variety of weight loss supplements, along with dandelion root. Cornsilk sylus and couchgrass are also well known diuretics. The other ingredients in the formula: celery root, rose hips, and elecampane root are considered “water management” herbs to help the others in the formula work together at their best possible capacity.

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  • The product does not claim to be a fat burner.
  • The product is a cost effective solution for those looking for a temporary weight loss.
  • The product is available at many online stores.


  • Absolute Nutrition Watershred will not produce fat loss results. The weight loss results will be water weight, therefore increasing the risk of rebound weight gain.
  • This formula contains no appetite suppressants or fat burners.
  • This formula is a diuretic. It may cause unwanted side effects.
  • No free trials are available for this product.
  • Little information is available about the product on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Due to the proprietary blend, it is impossible to see if there are enough of the ingredients to produce effective results.
  • Using too many diuretics in one formula could lead to too much water weight loss, causing more problems for the body.


While losing a bit of water weight from time to time helps with bloating and will provide temporary results, it is not something we recommend using long term, or on a regular basis, even. Proper weight loss lies in fat loss, and to achieve that, you will need a proven supplement containing either a fat burner or appetite suppressant, combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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