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What You Should Know

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AbsorbAid is not itself a vitamin supplement. Instead, it contains plant enzymes which are intended to help break down nutritional components that the body cannot otherwise digest. The idea is that the body, can then use these components that would otherwise be useless.

AbsorbAid also claims to help with acid problems by stopping the body from over-producing acid, rather than by blocking it as most antacids do.

List of Ingredients

Amylase breaks down starch.

Lipase breaks down fats.

Protease breaks down proteins.

Cellulase breaks down cellulose.

Lactase breaks down the lactose in dairy products.

Product Features

AbsorbAid contains the enzymes naturally found in many plants, and therefore it is natural and safe.

AbsorbAid will not conflict with antacids such as Zantac of Tagament.

This product may be especially helpful for senior citizens if their natural digestion enzymes are less effective.

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  • AbsorbAid may help our bodies digest foods and benefit from nutrients we would otherwise lose.
  • Since cooking breaks down many of the enzymes that are in plants naturally, this product can also make these nutrients available again and undo some of the negative effects of cooking.
  • AbsorbAid comes in a variety of different forms, including capsules, powder, or even specialty versions such as AbsorbAid Probiotic (for restoring intestinal flora).
  • Some people have found that AbsorbAid helped them with antacid problems or other kinds of upset stomach.


  • The idea of supplementing digestive enzymes is certainly interesting, but it still has not been proven whether this works. In particular, can enzymes like cellulase really help us absorb cellulose when our bodies do not naturally absorb it at all? How necessary is it to absorb these types of nutrients when the digestive systems of human beings are not designed to get them in the first place?
  • If the goal is to lose weight, it isn’t clear how helpful it is to take enzymes that increase absorption. This is particularly true with lipase, which increases fat absorption. Isn’t the normal goal of dieting to decrease the amount of fat that gets absorbed! Quite simply, this product is not helpful for the purpose of dieting.
  • AbsorbAid does not increase metabolism or aid thermogenic fat burning.
  • AbsorbAid does not contain vitamin or mineral benefits.


AbsorbAid is an interesting but unproven concept. It is not entirely clear how affective the product is, and it is less clear why the average dieter would want the product to be affective. AbsorbAid is intended to do what its name suggests–help digestion by increasing the amount of food that gets absorbed. For most dieters, this is the opposite of their goal. If your goal is to lose weight, his product is definitely not for you.

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2 User Reviews about AbsorbAid

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    I have mild acid felux. Since absorbaid helps reduce the acid in your stomach will it help relieve symptoms along with diet?


  • 2

    You have the wrong idea entirely! The product will help with the absorption of the nutrients in food, and has nothing with storing fat!