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Acai Berry 1500 is a product by Natural Systems typically sold with a colon-cleansing supplement. There are 1500 mg of acai berry in each supplement. Acai berry is considered a superfruit with strong antioxidant support. Antioxidants help reduce cholesterol, reverse the signs of aging and fight other forms of free radical damage. The link between acai berry and weight loss is based on no clinical evidence. Weight loss supplement companies claim everything from total body cleansing to detoxification by acai berries, but those are unfounded claims.

List of Ingredients

Acai Berry Extract.

Product Features

Acai Berry 1500 is sold through third-party retailers. The official website for Natural Systems does not list the supplement in the antioxidant category or weight management category. This could mean the product is no longer being marketed or produced by the company so dieters need to ask about expiration date before ordering. In addition to sites like, the supplement is also found on some auction websites like eBay. This is another strong indication that the product is out of production.

Among the listed benefits from taking Acai Berry 1500 are cardiovascular support, colon cleanser and appetite suppressant. The cardio support is true, but the other two claims are not. Acai berry is a fruit. Fruit concentrates can cause a loosening of the bowels, but that is only when they are consumed in liquid form. As for an appetite suppressant, blueberries, green tea and other superfruits have the same antioxidant power and none of them suppress appetite.

If the Acai Berry 1500 is offered with the Natural Systems colon cleanser, the chance of negative side effects increases exponentially. There is only one known side effect of taking too many antioxidants and that is a dangerous reduction in oxidant levels. Colon cleansers, however, are linked to dehydration and dependence on natural laxatives. Colon cleansers are not typically used for weight loss.

Acai Berry 1500 sells for $17.19 on Other third-party websites may sell the product for less.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Acai berry has strong antioxidant benefits.


  • No longer listed as a product on the official Natural Systems website.
  • Acai Berry 1500 does not have proven weight loss benefits.


Weight loss products with acai berry hit the market running with extraordinary claims and outrageous promises of losing 20 pounds or more in a short time frame. These claims are not proven and few sites have testimonials to back up these claims. Dieters need to beware of products that make unfounded claims. There are proven weight loss ingredients that will help a dieter achieve weight loss goals and those are the ones we support for continued weight loss and weight management.

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