Acai Berry 500 Review

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What You Should Know

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Acai Berry 500 is a capsulated form of the acai berry, claiming to offer all its health benefits. Though not ideal for long term weight loss, the product claims to be able to assist with shedding water weight and boosting the metabolism to jump start a regular diet and weight loss plan. We will take a closer look at the product to see if it is worth the investment to dieters and other consumers.

List Of Ingredients

Acai Berry 500 contains nothing more than contains a proprietary blend of pure Acai berry extract.

Product Features

Acai berry comes from the rain forest, and looks somewhat like a blueberry, with a deep purple color. It is thought to have been enjoyed for thousands of years and is one of the newest “superfood” and diet ingredient crazes. There are many weight loss products out there claiming to harness hte power of the acai berry, but are they just hype? This product uses nothing but the extract, yet hides how much in a proprietary blend, so we cannot tell if it will even offer the benefits it claims. This product claims to be able to reduce water weight and help the body flush excess pounds, but acai berry in general claims to have a host of other benefits.

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  • This product makes it easy to get the health benefits of the acai berry.


  • With a proprietary blend, we cannot see how much of the ingredient is actually in the formula. With one ingredient only, why not go ahead and say how much is in it? Seems as though the manufacturer has something to hide.
  • Little research has been done to show how well acai berry works as a weight loss supplement.
  • Using the extract form is not as valuable as consuming the entire fruit, or even drinking the fruit’s juice.
  • It is not known if there are any side effects to using an acai berry extract.
  • This is not a viable solution for long term weight loss.
  • There is no evidence of a free trial.
  • There is no money back guarantee for this product.


While Acai certainly does have many health benefits, there’s nothing to support the fact that these same benefits will come through in capsulated extract form. This is not a good product for real fat loss over the long term, as it is not proven to assist with burning fat or suppressing the appetite. Instead of this product, we recommend you look for a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant and use it alongside a regular exercise routine and balanced diet.

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