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One major active component incorporated into nutritional supplements these days is Acai. This is basically a berry that comes from the Amazon rainforest. While it is stated to taste like a tropical punch-like fruit, Acai berries are supposed to offer greater nutritional value than strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. The natives of Brazil have used these berries for years now as a natural healing and health aid. One of the many contemporary supplements offered online with Acai berries is Acai Berry Boom. This product comes in capsule form and can be acquired online for an undisclosed amount.

Unlike most dietary supplements, Acai Berry Boom is offered on the official website for free as a 14-day trial, however, shipping and handling fees must be paid. The official pitch on the website is “Flush Away Toxins & Look Your Best!” Some of the key active components of this supplement are Fiber, Vitamin C, Protein, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B. Some of the benefits users are said to experience from Acai Berry Boom supplements are more radiant skin, anti-aging, weight reduction, improved sexual desire, and even faster healing abilities. This product has been featured on ABC News, in the Washington Post, on NBC Today, and on the CBS Early Show. There are some testimonials presented on the official website from past Acai Berry Boom users. There are no allergy issues addressed with this product.


The complete list of ingredients is not available on the official website.

Product Features

The Acai Berry Boom supplement is geared toward both women and men alike that desire assistance with issues like more radiant skin, anti-aging, weight reduction, improved sexual desire, and even faster healing abilities. By incorporating major active components like Acai berries, this capsule supplement may additionally assist users with cancer prevention, increased mental awareness, and an improved digestive tract. Like most other dietary supplements, Acai Berry Boom capsules are intended to be taken daily in order to produce the claimed benefits. Clinical trials are not provided on the official website to support claims made about this product.

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  • Acai Berry Boom capsules are easy to purchase online without a doctor’s prescription.
  • There is a 14-day trial offer for anyone as long as shipping and handling expenses are paid.
  • The key ingredient in this product, which is Acai berries, offers fiber, protein, Vitamin C, and even Vitamin E.


  • There are no clinical trials provided on the official Acai Berry Boom website.
  • Some people could be allergic to Acai berries, which are the key component in this supplement.
  • A full list of ingredients for Acai Berry Boom capsules is not provided on the official website.
  • The actual price for this dietary supplement is not revealed on the site.


There are many claimed benefits to Acai Berry Boom capsules that would certainly be desirable for many men and women. While it’s nice to see that this product could potentially offer numerous health benefits, there are no clinical trials presented on the official website to support the claims made. This factor may raise the eyebrows of many individuals and potential Acai Berry Boom users. You may want to search further in the supplement market if you’re seeking out a product that’s aimed at assisting with weight reduction.

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