Acai Berry Juice Extreem Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Acai Berry Juice Extreem is one of the many acai berry based products on the market today that claim to be able to help you reach your weight loss goals. While there is little to no research to support its ability to help you lose weight. The super fruit may very well be high in antioxidants and as such offer health benefits, but it in itself is not likely to help you lose weight. Read this review to find out more about the supplement.

List of Ingredients

Acai Berry Juice Extreem contains the following ingredients:

  • 1200 mg Acai Berry Juice concentrate.

Product Features

Acai Berry Juice Extreem claims to be a weight loss and detoxification product that will help increase your energy levels. The acai berry is known to be an excellent source of antioxidants which can help your overall health, but the fact of the matter is it has not been shown to help increase weight loss compared to supplements containing proven fat burners and appetite suppressants. It is affordably priced at just $30 for a three month supply on, but this may be a case where you get what you pay for. If you really want the health benefit of acai berry, you could still take this supplement, but you should also use it with another weight loss supplement and a balanced diet. With the lack of a website for the company that produces this supplement, we know very little about it.

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  • Acai Berry Juice Extreem is all natural supplement.
  • This product is affordably priced.


  • Acai Berry Juice Extreem only contains acai berry, which has not been clinically proven to help with weight loss.
  • This contains no proven fat burners or appetite suppressants.
  • We were not able to find an official website for this product.
  • There is no free trial of this supplement.
  • There are many negative reviews of this product.
  • There may or may not be a money back guarantee for this product.

Acai Berry Juice Extreem is more than likely just another gimmick based product, as there are many different acai berry based products on the market today that seem to do little or nothing to help with weight loss. While we do see the potential for overall health benefits because of the nutrition in the berry, in order for it to help you lose weight, you must be using it in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. For better results, instead of a product like this, you are better off using a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner with diet and exercise; because it will help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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