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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Acai Berry Pure is a website dedicated to telling it all about Acai Berries, or so the website description claims. What we found was more of a website dedicated to selling acai berry products that offering truthful information. There are links on the front page alone to more than three supplements and products with acai berries. We did find some good information on antioxidant benefits and ORAC levels, but none of the information is linked to a proven or trusted source where that information was pulled from. Any information could be listed and the dieter is just expected to believe it because Acai Berry Pure must be telling the truth.

List of Ingredients

Website dedicated to the acai berry and acai berry supplements.

Product Features

The acai berry is a superfruit with a high ORAC level. The higher the ORAC level of the fruit, the stronger the antioxidant benefits, but acai berry is beneficial for weight loss, digestion, colon cleansing or any other claim associated with acai berry supplements. Acai Berry Pure sells products through affiliate links. Just because the website claims to tell the whole truth does not mean the information on the website has been thoroughly researching. We could not find one outbound link to a trusted website in any of the information on Acai Berry Pure. That is a prime indication that the website is nothing more than a front for selling supplements and products.

Acai Berry Pure does sell a Pure Acai Berry supplement for $29 per bottle. The supplement contains only acai berry and a trial is available for $1.99. There does not appear to be an auto-ship program attached to the supplement and the trial is only three days worth of supplements.

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  • Acai is a strong antioxidant.
  • The Acai Berry Pure website offers information on acai berry scams.
  • The trial is not linked to an auto-ship program.
  • The cost of the supplement is lower than competitors.
  • Good reviews in the website comments.


  • Acai Berry can be purchased from the grocery store.
  • The product is not backed with clinical research listed on the website.


While we are fans of antioxidants, we are tainted by the multitude of acai berry scams. Acai Berry Pure appears to sell a Pure Acai without any of the common scams. The website is taking a huge risk selling so many products on the main page, but there are quite a few positive comments, so it is a risk that may be paying off. The supplement manufacturer appears to sell only pure acai and not products with other ingredients, which means the website may be legit.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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