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Promotions for Acai Berry Science advertise that it can help you lose weight, boost your energy, increase your metabolism, improve your concentration, and strengthen your immune system. Its featured ingredient, acai, is a trendy berry from the rainforests of Brazil, popularized by newscasts and some celebrity figures. Although extensive health claims have been made about the acai berry, from weight loss to a cure for anything that ails you, the claims about weight loss have not been substantiated by serious scientific studies.

List of Ingredients

The web site does not list the ingredients of Acai Berry Science other than implying that it contains acai, green tea extract, and caffeine.

Product Features

Acai Berry Science claims that it will help you lose weight, speed up your metabolism, increase your energy, help you concentrate better, make your immune system stronger, detoxify your body and improve blood flow.

The acai berry provides several good nutritional benefits, including vitamins and some antioxidants that are thought to improve the body’s ability to fight off some diseases, as well as fiber. In these respects, acai berries are similar to other berries and fruits and vegetables needed for a healthy diet. However, evidence is lacking to show that acai berries contain anything that can help you lose weight faster.

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  • The acai berry itself provides some nutritional benefits, although Acai Berry Science does not state what type of acai or the amount of acai in the supplement.
  • Green tea extract might be beneficial for your immune system and weight loss.


  • The website for Acai Berry Science does not list the ingredients or the amount of acai in the supplement.
  • You will be automatically subscribed to monthly shipments charged to your credit card when you order the free trial. Although the free trial is advertised as 14 days, it begins on the day you order the trial and counts calendar days. On day 15, your credit card is charged for a monthly shipment. The only time you can cancel without payment is before day 15, and you may not have even received your product by that time. The fine print also states that “auto-ship sales are final,” so you can’t get a refund for them.
  • Your personal information might be sold. The Acai Berry Science web site also states in the Privacy section that it can use any of the personal information you entered, such as name, address, and email for any legally permissible purpose, indicating that they can sell your information to other companies.
  • No exercise program is mentioned for achieving healthy weight loss with Acai Berry Science.
  • The web site offers no information on eating a healthy, balanced diet while losing weight.


Although eating acai berries may push your nutrition up a notch, acai doesn’t promote weight loss, and The Center for Science in the Public Interest states that many consumers have had trouble stopping charges on their credit card bills after ordering free trials of acai products. Because Acai Berry Science omits any list of ingredients or amounts of acai in their product, you might also be paying high credit card bills without knowing exactly what you are swallowing.

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