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Acai Berry, a business located in Glendale, CA, sells Acai berry supplements to customers who want to lose weight. Some of these supplements include Acai Berry Select, Acai Berry Ultimate, and Acai Body Flush.

Even though this product has helped some people lose weight, as a whole, its effectiveness in decreasing weight has not been scientifically proven, and its unproved claims of celebrity support should caution you from immediately purchasing this weight loss product.

List of Ingredients

Acai Berry (extract) – 50 mg; Chromium (as polynicotate) – 75 mcg; EGCG from Green Tea extract – 225 mg; Caffeine – 200 mg; L-Theanine – 8 mg; Other ingredients – vegetable capsule.

Product Features

All the ingredients found in Acai Berry Select purportedly help with weight loss. For example, chromium reduces your desire for food by stabilizing your blood pressure. Also, Acai Berry Select has an e-book that gives specific advice on how to lose weight quickly. Further, it has a section on meditation, which encourages you to continue dieting. When you order from the Acai Berry company, you get two free pill bottles to try right away.

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  • Acai Berry has ingredients that are all claimed to be instrumental in weight loss, and they’re not all mixed together in a proprietary blend.
  • The Acai Berry Select website gives detailed, precise information concerning the ingredients found in the supplement.
  • Acai Berry is a powerful superfood advocated by reputable doctors.
  • Acai Berry Select contains Green tea, a product that acts like a thermogenic (has fat burning abilities).


  • One marked flaw with Acai Berry Select is the small amount of Acai berry within the supplement, a mere 50 mg, not enough to significantly affect your body.
  • A second problem with Acai Berry Select is that no celebrity or main TV show has endorsed this product.
  • A third issue with this supplement is that only one customer testimonial is given, which may make potential consumers question why others haven’t lauded the benefits of this new supplement.
  • A fourth problem with this supplement is that it doesn’t permanently solve your weight problem.
  • A fifth issue with this supplement is its trace amount of caffeine, which can cause sleeplessness and high-strung nerves.
  • Finally, the last flaw with Acai Berry Select is that it automatically enrolls you into its shipment program, which means that if you forget to stop shipment orders, you’ll be paying monthly fees for the supplement – $48 per bottle.


As far as listing its ingredients and Acai berry being a superfood, the Acai Berry company has succeeded in producing a viable weight loss supplement. Further, it advocates eating healthy and exercising frequently to maintain good physique, which are good habits in life.

Despite some of Acai Berry Select’s strong points, there are several problems remaining with the product. First, it doesn’t have enough Acai berry to really change the customer’s weight, which is the primary purpose for any weight loss supplement. Second, there aren’t enough credible endorsements by well-known people to suggest the efficacy of this supplement. Finally, having caffeine in its ingredients may seem inconsequential, but its poor effects upon the body can eclipse any positive effects of the Acai berry itself.

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