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One of the more popular substances utilized in a variety of dietary supplements these days is Acai berries. These are a type of fruit that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Although the natives of Brazil have been consuming these berries for many years, they were only introduced to the American supplement market recently. One of the products available online with this key ingredient incorporated into it is Acai Berry Supreme. The official pitch presented on the website is “Flush Pounds & Pounds of Waste and Toxins from your Body.” It appears that Acai Berry Supreme has been featured on ABC, CBS News, and in Fitness magazine.

Some of the benefits that are claimed with Acai Berry Supreme range from eliminating unwanted weight, breaking up and removing harmful toxins from the body, boosting energy levels, improving the overall appearance of skin, and combating fatigue. Although 60 capsules of Acai Berry Supreme are offered in a bottle, the price for this supplement formula is not revealed. However, a free trial bottle of Acai Berry Supreme can be acquired if shipping/handling fees are paid. There are a few celebrity endorsements for Acai berries presented on the official website, along with two customer testimonials and before/after photos.


The complete list of ingredients is not available on the official website.

Product Features

Acai Berry Supreme is a dietary supplement that’s claimed to help women and men eliminate unwanted weight, break up and remove harmful toxins from the body, boost energy levels, improve the overall appearance of skin, and combat fatigue. This product, like most other supplements, is directed to be taken daily in order to attain the full benefits. There is some clinical research addressed on the official website for Acai Berry Supreme capsules (done at the University of Florida). However, a healthy eating plan and regular exercise are not mentioned on the website, nor are they encouraged with the taking of this supplement.

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  • Acai Berry Supreme is a supplement that comes in the convenient form of a tablet.
  • There is some clinical data presented on the official website for this dietary supplement.
  • A free trial offer for Acai Berry Supreme capsules is available, as long as the user pays for shipping charges.


  • There are so many Acai berry-based supplements out at this time, which may make it difficult for some individuals to select one like Acai Berry Supreme.
  • There are only two testimonials provided on the official website for this product.
  • The actual cost of Acai Berry Supreme capsules is not revealed.
  • Some users may experience a negative or allergic reaction to this supplement.
  • It’s unclear how Acai Berry Supreme can really assist with weight reduction, since no known weight loss ingredients are incorporated.


Once again, Acai Berry Supreme is another diet product that touts the benefits of Acai berries. Needless to say, this key ingredient has been claimed to do virtually everything under the sun. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal of proof available to support the claims made about Acai berries. Therefore, before you actually purchase Acai Berry Supreme capsules, you may want to delve further into the diet product market and see what else is available.

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