Acai Berry Ultimate Review

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The Acai Berry Company, located in Glendale, CA, produces Acai Berry Ultimate as one of several supplements containing the wholesome Acai berry. This berry originates from the fruit of the Acai palm, located near the Amazon River Basin.

Despite Acai berry’s good nutritional effects upon its users, the Acai berry itself has not been proven to do all that the Acai Berry company claims it can do, which is primarily helping someone lose weight.

List of Ingredients

Acai berry extract.

Product Features

The Acai berry is chockfull of healthful nutrients. Just to name a few of its benefits, it has strong antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and fiber. Further, this product claims to reduce inflammation and destroy free radicals, dangerous cells inside the blood. According to its website, several celebrities have used this supplement too.

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  • Acai Berry Ultimate claims to improve digestive health because of the nutrients found in the Acai berry. Further, it supposedly improves both cardiovascular and muscular health.
  • Acai Berry Ultimate also purportedly fights and prevents diabetes while also maintaining the body’s youthfulness.
  • This supplement claims to reduce the risk of cancer, prevent bacteria from invading the body, and restore the body’s chemical balance.


  • First, Acai Berry Ultimate contains Acai berries that neither detoxify the body nor reduce its fat content.
  • Second, this supplement has its own website that is practically useless for someone attempting to form a credible decision on whether to purchase the product or not.
  • Third, Acai Berry Ultimate quite simply seems like a scam, especially because of its purportedly free pill bottles.
  • Fourth, on its website, this supplement has no proof declaring it to have pure Acai berries inside the pill.
  • Fifth, no widespread testimonials have been given, declaring the beneficial effect of Acai Berry Ultimate on helping people lose weight.


On the good side, Acai Berry Ultimate contains the Acai berry, which has many healthful effects upon the body. Specifically, it builds the body’s immunity to diseases, destroys unwanted cells within the body, and overall, strengthens the body.

However, Acai Berry Ultimate has some problems too. First, its website doesn’t quantifiably prove that its supplements have pure Acai berries inside, which would be much more potent than a substitute. Second, Acai berries have not been proven scientifically to either help people lose weight or detoxify their bodies, making it a dubious weight loss supplement. Third, the website about this supplement doesn’t provide enough information for the interested customer to make an informed decision. Finally, this supplement lacks the backing of people on the Internet, which would only seem natural if the product were a successful weight loss supplement.

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