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It is prudent to get all of the facts before selecting any diet pills or supplements to take. While it is healthy to shed excessive body fat, it is crucial to make certain the formula you take is safe. This is why we are scrutinizing the product, Acai Body Flush. It is a supplement formula that may assist some men and women with improving their overall health, and dropping a few extra pounds at the same time.

As with numerous other Acai supplements available online, the core active component used in Acai Body Flush is Acai, which is taken from Acai Berries. Studies have shown that this Brazilian fruit is very healthy because it does contain high levels of vitamins c and e, as well as ample amounts of fiber and calcium. Also, Acai is known for its antioxidant power that combats free radical damage and lowers your risk of cancer. Acai Berry Extract may additionally aid with digestive health and functioning.

List of Ingredients

Not revealed on an official website.

Product Features

Acai Body Flush is a capsule formula that resembles many of the other Acai products currently gracing the diet market. Like the other supplements, this one contains Acai Berry Extract as the core ingredient. In fact, it is the only component mentioned for the diet formula. Users are directed to take Acai Body Flush daily in order to flush harmful toxins from the body, boost energy levels, improve fat burning, and aid the digestive system. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any testimonials or before and after photos provided from past users to support this diet product. Nor is there any clinical research presented to support the claims made about Acai Body Flush and healthy weight reduction. The cost of this capsule formula is not clearly stated, but it appears to be $79.95 per bottle (60 capsules). This is a one-month-supply.

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  • Acai Body Flush contains Acai fruit extracts, which are high in antioxidants.
  • This weight loss product can be acquired conveniently online.


  • There is no clear price posted for Acai Body Flush (just a free 14-day trial offer that turns into an automatic credit card charge down the road).
  • No other ingredients are mentioned for this diet product.
  • There are some complaints posted online about Acai Body Flush.
  • No consumer testimonials are given.
  • This supplement formula does not endeavor to boost thermo genesis.


It is clear that most Acai-based supplements are marketed in a very specific manner. Although they appear to be “free,” they are actually quite pricey. Hence the automatic charge for Acai Body Flush that occurs after 14 days ($79.95). This will naturally annoy many dieters. Furthermore, there is very little data presented on the product itself, other than it contains Acai Berry Extract. In the end, it is wise to see what else is available for weight loss before choosing a product like Acai Body Flush.

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