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Acai Breeze is a Brazilian product that is derived from the acai berry found in the Amazon rainforest. It is being considered one of the leading weight loss supplements on the market as well as being called the “World’s Leading Super Food.” Acai Breeze helps with weight loss and provides a full body cleansing of the immune system.

The product is still relatively new to the market and while it promises many claims of weight loss, there have been mixed results. Also, since it is a Brazilian product, the American Food and Drug Administration has not been fully supporting this new product.

List of Ingredients

The main ingredient is the Acai Berry which is high in vitamins and nutrients. The manufacturers claim that Acai Breeze is almost 100% natural acai berry; however, they tend to be rather vague on the rest of the ingredients.

Product Features

Because the product is derived from the acai berry it is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, C, D, and E. The manufactures claim that the product helps to detoxify the body, leaving a healthier body aiding in the weight loss process. Acai Breeze helps to increase body energy and metabolism, which is key in fast weight loss. Also, by detoxifying the body, the product helps to boost the immune system and may provide relief for those who suffer from digestive diseases, constipation, and even headaches.

Clinical studies have reported that Acai Breeze remarkably increases one’s energy levels as well as having an anti-aging effect on the human body.

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  • Acai Breeze has been the hot topic in the health community for several months now, and has been involved in many clinical trials. Researchers state that the product is an effective aid in boosting energy and metabolism levels, leading to rapid weight loss and an overall healthier condition.
  • The company is currently running a promotion of sending a free bottle to try, risk free. The manufacturers will then give a reduced price of $83.95 for a one-month supply.


  • While the product is helpful in increasing the body’s metabolism and aiding in rapid weight loss, the company fails to stress that the product is meant to be viewed as a weight-loss aid. The individual still must maintain a healthy diet, exercise properly, and receive ample amounts of sleep. The company tends to push Acai Breeze as a stand alone miracle drug.
  • The manufacturing company does not give any type of dieting or exercise plan with the product.
  • While the manufacturing company claims the product is 100% natural, many people have reported suffering additional side effects such as vomiting and headaches. In some cases people have even reported serious abdominal pains.
  • The claims of weight loss may be exaggerated.
  • The product’s website also fails to provide many before and after pictures as well as satisfied customers bios.


When it comes to price, Acai Breeze is very competitively priced and offers many different promotions.

The manufactures guarantee that the product will perform as advertised, and being backed by several clinical studies, they offer a money back guarantee to their product. The product is good in the sense that it aids in weight loss, but at the same time it must not be relied on to help with weight loss by itself.

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