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Acai Burn Extreme is a product that promotes rapid weight-loss. It is derived from the acai berry and is one of the newest “superfoods” on the market. The acai berry is a nutritious berry found in the Brazilian rainforest. The product is rich in vitamins and other nutrients, aiding in its ability to cleanse the digestive system and provide rapid weight loss.

Acai Burn Extreme is hoping to target a new group of users that can also benefit from the dieting aid – men. The special blend is said to boost rapid weight loss and build lean muscle. The manufactures also claim the product will boost the users immune system, fight physical aging affects, and induce rapid weight loss.

List of Ingredients

The main ingredient in Acai Burn Extreme is the acai berry. It is high in nutrients and vitamins. Acai Burn Extreme contains large quantities of caffeine as well as green tea. Acai Burn also includes small amounts of garcinia cambogia extract, gymnema sylvestre extract, and chromium polynicotinate.

Product Features

The most noted feature is that Acai Burn Extreme is designed specifically for men. The manufacture claims that the product will help men loss weight quickly, while still building lean muscle. However, this may just be a ploy being used by the manufacturer to interest men in a product that has been targeted primarily towards women.

A notable feature that Acai Burn Extreme brings to the market is that the berries used in the product are freeze dried right when they are harvested. This allowed the product to take full advantage of the berry’s nutrients.

Currently, the suppliers of Acai Burn Extreme are offering a free 15-day trial. You only pay shipping and handling. This promotion, the distributor’s claim, guarantees that their product gives genuine results.

Acai Burn Extreme also has taken the approach to mix their formula with green tea. By mixing this combination, it increases thermo genesis and the body’s metabolism levels. This is a unique formula, that may be responsible for the products remarkable weight loss affects.

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  • The manufacturers of Acai Burn Extreme, through their unique mixture and freeze dry technique, claim to provide a fast weight loss supplement that also builds lean muscle. The use of thermo genesis and boosting the metabolism aids the rapid weight loss.
  • Acai Burn Extreme can be a helpful supplement for men to take who are seeking “cut abs” and more muscle definition.
  • One of the biggest advantages of Acai Burn Extreme is that it has been approved after clinical tests by the FDA.


  • Acai Burn Extreme is just a dieting supplement and does not provide the user with any type of dieting or exercise plan. Also, the manufacturers fail to mention that the product should not be taken over long term.
  • The dieting supplement offers unrealistic expectations.
  • The product has an ample amount of caffeine in the mixture.
  • While Acai Burn Extreme has undergone many clinical trials, many people still report side affects from vomiting to abdominal pain.


Acai Burn Extreme is one of the marquee supplements on the market. Its unique blend of ingredients may speed up weight-loss. The manufacturer offers a product at a reasonable price and offers money back guaranties. However, people who have used the produce claim that it has not lived up to their expectations.

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