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The Acai Easy Drink Pack is a powdered drink mix that contains organic Acai berry and vitamin C. The drink mix is supposed to provide you with a way to get the benefits of the berry without actually eating a real one. We will take a closer look at this product to determine what, if any, benefit this product has to offer people who are trying to lose weight.

List of Ingredients

2.85 grams of organic Acai Berry and .15 grams of Vitamin C.

Product Features

The Acai Easy Drink Pack contains mostly organic Acai berry. The Acai berry is considered a “super fruit” because it provides several essential nutrients for the body. An Acai berry contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and fiber. With all these nutrients available from one food, it is one of the most nutritious and complete foods nature has given us. One drink packet only contains 15 calories. To use as directed, once a day, mix a drink packet into a 12 to 20 ounce glass of any non-alcoholic beverage. Use it to enhance the flavor of water, tea, sports drinks, protein shakes, or smoothies. This product does not make any weight loss claims, however, so it is important to recognize this as part of a healthy diet to be used in conjunction with a weight loss supplement.

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  • The Acai berry is known to be a healthy fruit that contains high levels of many antioxidants that are necessary for overall health.


  • We are not sure if this product is actually organic.
  • The drink packs may not provide the same benefits as eating a real Acai berry or drinking its juice would.
  • There are no fat burners in this product.
  • There are no appetite suppressants in this product.
  • The product does not make any weight loss claims.


Since the Acai Easy Drink Pack makes no weight loss claims, we cannot recommend it for weight loss. Though it may be a great way to add antioxidants and vitamin C into your diet, this product does not contain any appetite suppressants or fat burners, as a weight loss product should. For best results, we recommend choosing a proven weight loss product that contains either a fat burner or an appetite suppressant, and combining it with a balanced diet and exercise routine. Increase water intake in place of sugary sodas and drinks for even better results.

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