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Acai Fresh is another acai-based weight loss supplement currently promoting itself through radio advertising. Ads direct listeners to order a free trial of Acai Fresh from the # 1-800-300-9072. We had difficulty finding an official website for this product, or finding out how much it cost after to order after the trial. The supplement is taken only once per day making one bottle last one month. Claims associated with Acai Fresh include an increase in metabolism and better health.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Blend: Acai Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Amla Fruit Extract.

Product Features

Acai fruit extract is the first ingredient which is expected of an acai weight loss supplement. All ingredients are included in a proprietary blend so we don’t know how much acai the formula contains. Acai fruit is a great antioxidant that will work in the body to fight off free radical damage, but that does not equate to increased weight loss. Common claims made by manufacturers of acai products include detoxing, weight loss and fat loss. These claims are not proven to actually occur when acai fruit is consumed.

Green Tea Leaf Extract is a healthy, proven weight loss ingredient. Clinical studies have linked green tea supplementation to increased metabolism, like due to the caffeine and EGCG levels. The fine print on Acai Fresh claims the total caffeine amount if equivalent to about one cup of coffee, but different cups of coffee have different amounts of caffeine, so how much is that really? Too much caffeine can cause jitters and nausea for some dieters so it is important to reveal exactly how much is included in the Acai Fresh formula.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract is not associated with weight loss in any way. Panax ginseng is commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat conditions like asthma and colds. We could find no reference to fat burning ability. Pomegranate Fruit Extract and Amla Fruit Extract are likely included as antioxidants. Cleansing supplements will typically include fruit extracts because they can have diuretic and laxative effects when taken in the right amounts. We, again, have no idea how much of these fruit extracts are included.

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  • All ingredients were easy to find online.
  • The price is lower than comparable weight loss supplements.
  • Not associated with auto-ship or recurring payments.


  • Only one ingredient is proven to improve metabolism.
  • Acai is not a weight loss ingredient.
  • No official website could be found.


Acai Fresh may not be a bad weight loss supplement, but we always question a company that includes ALL ingredients in a proprietary blend. There should be no reason to hide the ingredient amounts unless there is not enough in the supplement to be effective.

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  • 1

    Good thing I read all the reviews before I ordered.


  • 2

    I just called and ordered this and now I wish I didn’t. I tried to call the number they gave me but the machine said they are closed and to leave a message. I wish I would have looked up reviews before I placed the order. I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to get a hold of anyone to cancel it.


  • 3

    When i used it back in 2010, i lost 50 pounds in 3 months. It really worked for me. I’m trying to order it now.


  • 4

    I’m sorry about the ones that didn’t like this product. When I first used this product in 2010 it was amazing. I lost 10 pounds my first week and another 10 the second week. I had a ton of energy and I really loved the product. I ran into hard times and wasn’t able to get for a couple of years. I was looking through a cabinet and seen the empty bottle and plan on getting another supply. What people need to remember that everything does not work for everybody, but this was a pill that done wonders for me.

    Loving this product,



  • 5

    I’m filing a lawsuit on this shitty company how could you scam innocent people!!!!!


  • 6

    This product has given me a ton of energy and has been a great appetite suppressant. I have been taking it for almost a week so I will check back in a month and report any weight loss.


  • 7

    I guess I lost $7.95. After reading these reviews, I changed my debit card number right away so they can’t charge me anything else. (Thank you everyone!) I called to try to cancel and they said they already shipped it (even though their automated system told me that if i don’t rush ship it, I’ll have to wait weeks). Yeah, it DOES sound like a scam. Should I even try it when I get it?
    I’m glad I only lost 8 bucks tho :)


  • 8

    I need the nuumber to cancel the membership they offered for the walmart gift card in which I never got! Does anyone have it?


  • 9

    I ordered the AF plus and the customer service number listed on the back of the reorder form that came with it says

    I noticed that their pamphlet says two different prices listed one is 39.95 a bottle assuming 30 day supply but then it says a two month supply is the same cost. I am not paying 80 a moth for crap!


  • 10

    Oh my goodness. I dont know what I did, but I ordered that risk free trial on the radio, and they said we only pay 7.95 for shipping and handling and I am freaking out because of these comments that are saying that it’s a scam.


  • 11

    I have the product. I had to call them 8 times to get them to cancel the order. They did not refund my money. The product does not work. I called the radio number and I had to complain about the operator I was talking to. I would recommend that NO ONE buy this product.


  • 12

    The number they gave during the recording is 800-605-1231. And this is the # they annouced on the radio 800-605-1235.


  • 13

    Their customer service number is 800-605-1231


  • 14

    I can’t even get anyone on the phone to cancel.


  • 15
    Lytasha Smith

    I hope this product works…. I would be upset if I am being taken.


  • 16

    Try 1-800-322-1405
    I just listen to the radio and I was going to call and try. Maybe not now if it’s a scam.



    I just used the number above to cancel my trial. dont trust them. They wouldnt give me a cancelation number. I told them I spoke with my Dr and this pill will interact with my medication. They asked nothing else of me. Just my name and the number I called from and zip code.they had it all on file.


  • 17
    Stephanie Barringinger

    Well I hope I Didn’t get taken like the other lady. They gave a 800 number but i didn’t have apen to write it down. So if anyone has a correct 800 number please pass it along. thanks.


  • 18
    melissa witter

    I paid the shipping and handling for acai fresh over a month ago and still have not received the product idk the number to call to cancel does anyone know the number please so i can find out whats going on?


  • 19

    Does anyone know how to cancel or have a number to call. The number they give on the recording is not a real number. Or is this just a scam?


  • 20

    It does not work. I lost a little weight, in a month, but im sure it was because i began to eat healthy and went from no workouts to working out everyday. dont waste your money


  • 21

    need to cancel this trial membership, can I do this on line or do I need to call?, since the above said they were nasty on the phone


  • 22

    I need to cancel my acai fresh.
    PLease let me know what i need tomdo ?



    Good Luck….they’re very nasty on the phone!!!!!


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