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Acai Fuel Extreme is a weight loss supplement that aids in rapid weight loss. The main ingredient in it is the acai berry. The acai berry is known as the world’s leading “superfood.” The berry is harvested in the Brazilian rainforest, and is rich in nutrients and vitamins.

The manufacturer claims that Acai Fuel Extreme detoxifies your body’s system, cleanses your immune system, aids in your digestive system, and helps with rapid weight loss around your midsection.

Acai Fuel Extreme’s manufactures also claim that the weight loss drug is able to reduce high blood pressure, prevent heart attacks, and prevent certain types of cancer.

List of Ingredients

The main ingredient in Acai Fuel Extreme is the acai berry. The acai berry is rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E. The product also includes green tea, carcinia cambogia, gymema sylvestre, and small amounts of caffeine.

Acai Fuel Extreme’s website and manufactures are vague on the ingredients, nor does the bottle host a label of the contents full ingredients. This has lead to some skepticism of the product.

Product Features

Acai Fuel Extreme is purported to decrease belly fat around the midsection while providing antioxidant support. The manufacturers claim that the product will boost energy and concentration levels, improve overall appearance, and fortify your body’s cells.

Through a mixture of herbs, acai Berries, and other ingredients, Acai Fuel Extreme provides a safe, natural way in which to quickly lose ample amounts of weight.

The manufacturers also claim that by adding green tea into the compound, the users energy levels will rise.

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  • Acai Fuel Extreme aids in rapid weight loss by detoxifying your body. The product cleanses your bodily systems and balances your pH levels.
  • The product’s website is currently running a free promotional trial.


  • Acai Fuel Extreme does not provide an accurate list of ingredients. Users like to know what they are taking. However, with this weight loss aid, it is difficult to find out exactly what is in the product.
  • The product has not been through a lot of clinical tests. Therefore it is not backed by the FDA.
  • Acai Fuel Extreme claims that many celebrities have used the product with a great success rate. However, none of these celebrities have come forward giving their approval of the product.
  • The cost of Acai Fuel Extreme is high in comparison to related weight loss aids.


Acai Fuel Extreme has also been featured in many health and natural food magazines. While the manufacturers promise rapid weight loss, their claims may be exaggerated. The product also seems to be ridding the wave of other noted products that incorporate the acai berry.

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    do you take a colon cleaser with this product as well?