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What You Should Know

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Acai Lipo is a weight loss product sold through an affiliate program. There are many websites selling the same product, but no official website that we could find. The image of the bottle available online does not appear to have a manufacturer name, another reason to believe this product is pushed only by affiliates who get a portion of the sale price.

One website we visited offered a complete list of ingredients and pricing information. A free trial is available, but consumers should be warned – affiliate weight loss supplements typically have fine print that places the supplement on a recurring shipment plan. The consumer is charged for bottles quickly, before they can cancel the free trial.

List of Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit and Acai.

Product Features

The first ingredient is typically the most concentrated in a weight loss supplement. For Acai Lipo, that ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia. Also known as Hydroxycitric Acid, this ingredient could be THE ingredient dieters want to stay away from. Hydroxycut, another supplement company, removed all products from store shelves that contained Garcinia Cambogia after claims of liver damage arose. The company claimed the recall was voluntary and that no liver issues were proven. A short while later, all supplements were reformulated and Garcinia Cambogia was replaced with Green Coffee Bean. We do not trust this ingredient.

Green Tea Extract is an effective weight loss ingredient but only in certain amounts. We could not find an affiliate or main website that offered how much green tea was included in Acai Lipo. It would take more than 300 mg per serving to optimize the weight loss benefits of green tea extract.

Apple cider vinegar and grapefruit are just silly ingredients. Apple cider vinegar was once touted as the ultimate weight loss solution. One small sip a day and all the weight will fade away – that is not the case. Grapefruit is much the same. The grapefruit diet is supposed to create a negative calorie environment as the body spends more energy digesting grapefruit than it contains. This is not the case and the supplement will not increase weight loss.

Acai Lipo costs only $6.95, but when the order is placed, the consumer has three days to try out the Acai Diet Tracker. After those three days, the credit card used to pay shipping and handling for then supplement is charged $100. Another $100 is charged a month later and the consumer then has full use of the Acai Diet Tracker for as long as the website is around. There is no mention of receiving more supplements, just the tracker.

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  • Green tea is a proven weight loss ingredient.


  • Free trial lasts only three days.
  • Consumers are charged $200 to access a diet tracker.


We suggest dieters steer clear of Acai Lipo. The product is a scam, selling a membership to a website instead of a supplement.

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    Nicki Larson

    Fraud!! I ordered a”free trial” of Acai Lipo, received an invoive for $1.50, but when I got my credit card bill I was charged $199.00. I also never received the product!! The company’s name is Youth Nutrition and I have been unable to reach them by phone. Big surpirse. I’ve notified my credit card company about the fradulaht charges and am now looking into consumer fraud reporting