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There are always new weight reduction supplements gracing the diet product scene. As time moves on, different research facilities add new key active ingredients to dietary supplements that are claimed to aid with things like burning calories, suppressing appetite, boosting energy levels, blocking the absorption of carbohydrates, and melting away fat. One major component used in many weight loss formulas today is Acai Berry Extract. In fact, you will find it in the supplement, Acai Noni Burner, which is a diet pill we are going to scrutinize more closely.

If you are not familiar with Acai Noni Burner, it is a weight loss formula mainly marketed toward women. Other than Acai Berry Extract (helps burn fat and draw toxins out of the body), this supplement contains Green Tea Extract (is claimed to heighten the user’s metabolism and increase energy levels). A few other benefits Acai Noni Burner is claimed to have are as follows; lowers the user’s cholesterol levels, combats free radical damage (Acai berries contain ample antioxidants), and aids with digestive health. There is no 100 percent satisfaction guarantee mentioned for Acai Noni Burner.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

Acai Noni Burner is a supplement formula that comes across in a very similar fashion to several other Acai Berry-based products for weight loss. However, this product appears to have been replaced by something called Acai Optimum. If you search for Acai Noni Burner online, you are led to the official Acai Optimum website instead. Regardless, Acai Noni Burner may still be available through certain websites if you really search for it. According to some review sites, a one-month supply of this weight loss product is $79.95. Unfortunately there are a number of complaints posted online regarding Acai Noni Burner pills.

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  • Like so many other weight loss supplements, Acai Noni Burner comes in a convenient capsule form.
  • The core ingredient, Acai Berry Extract, contains high levels of antioxidants and fiber.
  • There is no prescription needed for this dietary supplement.


  • This weight loss pill does not endeavor to increase thermo genesis.
  • The cost of Acai Noni Burner is high at $79.95.
  • There are a number of warnings online that pertain to this product.
  • A full list of ingredients is not disclosed.


In the end, there are just so many of these Acai Berry-based products out there these days for weight reduction. It really can get quite confusing, and it is difficult to determine the differences between each of them. While Acai Noni Burner does contain Acai Berry Extract, which offers antioxidant value, it additionally contains Green Tea Extract, which is loaded with caffeine. There are other weight loss products available that will likely produce better results, and not cost you $79.95 each month.

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