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Acai Noni is not the same supplement as Acai Noni Burner. There is no official website for Acai Noni, but we managed to find a review with a list of ingredients. Without a dedicated website, we assume these ingredients are correct, but there could be some missing from the ingredient list. Acai is a superfruit with antioxidant properties. The Internet is full of claims associated with acai berry, including cleansing and weight loss benefits, but these benefits have not been proven with human or animal clinical trials.

List of Ingredients

Acai Extract, Green Tea Extract and Resveratrol.

Product Features

The first ingredient in the Acai Noni supplement is acai berry. Acai berry is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage. Free radicals are left over when oxygen is converted to water on a cellular level. Some escape into the body where antioxidant corral and destroy them. Antioxidants are naturally occurring in the body, but exercise and dieting cause an increase in free radicals that may overpower the body’s natural immune system. Eating foods with high antioxidant levels is important during dieting and acai berry is a good choice, but it will not increase metabolism or weight loss.

Green tea extract contains caffeine, so there is a metabolism boost associated with using this ingredient. Clinical research has proven green tea extract is helpful in achieving weight loss goals, but we have no idea if enough green tea extract is included in Acai Noni for optimal benefits. Typically, clinical studies have tested about 350 mg of green tea. Most supplements fall short of that goal amount. Green tea also garners other health benefits.

Resveratrol is often associated with anti-aging products. There are no weight loss benefits associated with this ingredient.

The name of the supplement, Acai Noni, assumes Noni is included in the supplement. Noni is another superfruit with antioxidant properties. Though this fruit is not listed on the ingredient list, it is likely that the fruit is included in the formula. As is the case with acai berry, noni is a healthy ingredient but it does not have weight loss benefits.

We found reference to a free trial, but no pricing information or viable link to said free trial.

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  • Contains superfruits with antioxidant properties.
  • Green tea is a safe and effective weight loss ingredient.
  • A free trial could be available.


  • No dedicated website.
  • The ingredient list could be missing a few ingredients.
  • We have no idea of the supplement price.


Acai Noni seems to focus more on antioxidants that fat burning ingredients. Only one ingredient on the list is proven to help the dieter achieve weight loss and we have no idea how much of that ingredient is included in the supplement.

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