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What You Should Know

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Acai Plus Extreme touts the weight loss powers of acai berry. The berry is a healthy addition to any supplement as it has strong antioxidant properties, but there are no weight loss benefits associated with the fruit. That does not mean Acai Plus Extreme is a complete failure. There are some proven ingredients in the mix so you may see some benefit from taking the supplement. The real test is the ingredient list, not the list of product claims.

List of Ingredients

Acai berry, green tea extract, guarana seed, chromium polynicotinate and l-carnitine.

Product Features

If you are interested in why each of the ingredients is added to Acai Plus Extreme there is a short description offered with each listed ingredient. It is important to remember that these claims are there to help the dieter choose this supplement. Just because the company claims the benefits does not mean those benefits are clinically proven.

Acai berry is an antioxidant, as is green tea extract. The difference between the two is that green tea extract is proven to boost metabolism but acai berry is not. Guarana may be a source of caffeine. According to the ingredient description, the stimulant effect is stronger than traditional caffeine. This is a useless fact if the dieter has no idea the caffeine equivalent of the guarana extract.

Chromium is a strong ingredient that may help control hunger. It is often used by diabetics to help naturally control the disease. The same effect chromium has on the diabetic body is the effect that helps control hunger – blood glucose control. The only benefits of l-carnitine are for the treatments of l-carnitine deficiency and kidney disease. It will not boost weight loss.

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  • Green tea, guarana and chromium are likely to help weight loss.
  • The supplement costs as little as $45 a month.
  • You only have to take the supplement twice daily.
  • Will boost energy.
  • A free diet plan is included.


  • There are some filler ingredients that have no effect on weight loss.


There are some good ingredients in Acai Plus Extreme. We don’t see a single reason to skip this one, but there is one problem. The caffeine amount is not listed, so if you are sensitive to caffeine you may notice a few side effects. Side effects, like jitters, will fade over time. The same ingredients can be found in other weight loss supplements.

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