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Acai is a key ingredient utilized in a variety of supplements these days. This purple berry is commonly found in the Amazon rainforest (has been used by Brazil natives for many years), and grows in massive palm trees. They actually grow in bunches, similar to the way bananas do. The reason Acai berries are utilized is due to the potential positive effects they can have. This fruit is known for offering vitamin e, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamin b1, antioxidants, protein, and vitamin A. The Acai berry is said to resemble a blueberry or grape.

Other than oral supplements, Acai is typically incorporated into energy bars, ice creams, and energy juices. Some of the claimed benefits from these unique berries include increased energy levels, clearer complexions, improved mental awareness, helps user to sleep better, assists with digestive functioning, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, battles cancer cells, and detoxifies the body. Although there are no known side effects concerning Acai berries, this fruit cannot be consumed raw or in its original/natural form. Some additional benefits that may come from these berries are relieved arthritis pain, normalized blood sugar levels, and faster recovery from injuries.

Product Features

Acai is essentially a type of dark colored berry that is found in the Amazon rainforest. After being used by natives for many years, this berry is now incorporated into foods and supplement products like Organic Acai Caps ($89.99), Acai Juice Smoothie from PROx ($39.99), and Acai Roots Freeze Dried Powder ($34.95). A variety of these products are currently sold online through numerous websites. Although this berry ingredient aims to boost energy levels, promote clearer complexions, improve mental awareness, help users sleep better, assist with digestive functioning, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, battle cancer cells, and detoxify the body, Acai berries additionally contain healthy fiber and antioxidants.

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  • Acai berries may assist with anything from relieved arthritis pain, to normalized blood sugar levels, to quicker recovery from injuries, to increased energy levels, to clearer complexions, to improved mental awareness, to helping users sleep better, to assisting with digestive functioning, to strengthening the immune system, to improving circulation, to battling cancer cells, to detoxifying the body.
  • Acai berries can be found in numerous supplements that are easy to attain online.


  • Acai doesn’t aim to assist with weight reduction.
  • Appetite suppression is not one of the claimed benefits from Acai berries.
  • Many of the products containing Acai are rather pricey.
  • Some individuals may have allergic reactions to this berry.


Acai certainly comes across as one of those “miracle ingredients” that are claimed to do virtually everything to benefit the human body. Unfortunately, this may be difficult for many individuals to believe. While it is refreshing that Acai berries are a simple and natural fruit product that are taken from nature, there do not appear to be clinical studies presented to support the claims made about this fruit. If you are looking for a supplement to assist with issues like weight reduction, then you may want to look at other products rather than Acai supplements.

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8 User Reviews about Acai

  • 1

    ive been on this for a month and not lost 1lb waste of money


  • 2

    I have used this for 2 months. I have not lost weight but I have had increased energy which has made a big difference to me.


  • 3

    I have been using Acai berry Hydroxycut . Have lost 5 lbs in a month. No exercise or dieting.


  • 4

    Ive heard that Acai Berry makes you lose like 25lbs in a month, does Acai berry really work that fast, is there anyone who has personally used an acai product that has been happy or unhappy with the results….let me know what you think…thanks!!



    hey there! I just recently found out about acai from a friend. she’s lost 38 pounds by taking acai supplements twice a day (she uses the 3000mg) and cutting out soda. I just went to Vitamin World today and bought the same supplements hoping to see results! :) Hopefully it works for me too! There are also a LOT of positive reviews on Amazon (which sold me). I hope you find something that works for you!



    Been looking everywhere for reviews on acai products sold in stores. I found a lot about the scams on the internet. Don’t want to purchse anything from the internet. What is the name of the acai product you bought at Vitamin World and does it make you loose weight and/or give you energy?



    Kat, I started the acai berry 1 week ago and have lost 11lbs. my friend Margie has been on it a month and has lost 23lbs so far:)



    What brand did you buy? Are you still seeing results one month later?? (Do you also take the colon cleanse stuff with it?)