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Acai Roots is a website dedicated to acai berry products. According to the tag line for the website, acai is a lifestyle choice not just a fruit. Supplements are available on the website, as well as other acai products. Most of the acai berry products available from Acai Roots are pure extracts and powders. One exception is the Acai Roots Acai Energy Shot. This supplement contains ingredients other than acai to boost energy.

Acai Roots offers direct ordering and a customer service link for questions and comments. Products are available at wholesale prices for resale.

List of Ingredients

Acai Roots Acai Energy Shots: Acai, Acerola, Green Tea Extract and Guarana.

Product Features

As a complete website, Acai Roots is generally easy to navigate. Categories are available from the front page so visitors can easily choose which acai products they are interested in and place an order quickly. Most of the supplements are straight acai providing antioxidant protection, but no weight loss benefits.

Acai Roots Acai Energy Shots is one of the few supplements available from Acai Roots with fat burning ingredients. The supplement is “coming soon”, but a list of ingredients is available in the product description. Green tea is included in the supplement. Green tea is proven to help a dieter achieve weight loss goals, but we are not given a specific amount of green tea included in the supplement. The dieter needs to take about 350 mg of green tea per serving to achieve tested benefits.

Guarana is a stimulant that offers little weight loss support. The dieter will see an energy boost from the stimulant, but they could also feel a crash after the guarana wears off. The remaining ingredients are acai and acerola, both strong antioxidants. During weight loss, free radical levels rise in the body, so taking antioxidants is important. However, we are again left guessing how much of each ingredient is included in the Acai Roots product. There is no pricing information for the Acai Roots Acai Energy Shots.

The Acai Roots products vary in price but visitors can expect to pay as much as $50 per pound of acai powder.

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  • Acai Roots sells all products directly from the website.
  • Ingredients are listed for many products.
  • Most products contain only acai berry.


  • No weight loss benefits are associated with acai berry.
  • The Acai Roots Acai Energy Shot is not currently available.


Losing weight causes increased levels of free radicals. For this reason, acai berry could be a helpful addition to any weight loss diet. There are no weight loss benefits associated with the fruit, despite many product claims. Dieters would be better suited with a proven weight loss supplement than acai berry extracts and powders from Acai Roots.

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