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There is a new world of diet supplements out there that contain an ingredient called Acai berries. These are an all-natural fruit that comes from the Amazon rainforest. They are claimed to offer benefits such as weight reduction assistance, a cleansed digestive tract, improved facial complexion, relief from arthritis pain, improved immune system, boosted metabolic rates, constipation relief, less fatigue, and much more. One dietary supplement available with this key active ingredient is Acai Slim. This product sells online through an official website, but a price is not posted.

Although there are no ingredients listed on the official Acai Slim website, this product clearly contains Acai berry extract. As with most supplement websites that involve Acai berries, this website touts how this “magical fruit” has been featured on ABC,, CBS News, and the Today Show. One primary focus of Acai Slim supplements is that they endeavor to flush negative waste from the user’s digestive system. This is a factor commonly addressed with colon cleansing products. Therefore, one way the user potentially drops excess body weight is by having a more successful bowel movement. Fortunately, there is a success story with before and after photos posted next to it. A free trial bottle of Acai Slim can be attained if the consumer pays shipping fees (claimed to be a limited time offer).


A complete list of ingredients is not posted on the official website.

Product Features

Acai Slim is a weight loss and cleansing supplement that is supposed to be suitable for women and men alike. This product contains the key ingredient called Acai berry extract. Some known benefits of these berries are the fact that they contain Protein, Fiber, Vitamins A, C, and B, as well as Calcium. Not to mention that they are supposed to contain higher levels of nutrients than strawberries, broccoli, blueberries, and pomegranate. There is no 100% money-back guarantee mentioned for Acai Slim supplements. In regards to clinical findings, none are presented on the official website.

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  • Acai Slim contains an all-natural fruit extract from Acai berries.
  • A free trial sample of Acai Slim supplements are available if the user pays shipping and handling fees.


  • There is no actual price posted for this weight loss and body-cleansing supplement.
  • Real scientific data is not provided to support Acai Slim pills.
  • There is only one customer review and before/after photo posted on the official website.
  • There are so many supplements available at this time that contain the same active component, which may make it difficult to choose one.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a refund option addressed on the official website. (See reader comments.)


In the massive market of weight loss supplements and internal cleansing products, things can get confusing. How does anyone know which supplement to really choose? This is where consumer reviews and clinical studies come in handy. Unfortunately, you don’t really see these on the official website for Acai Slim pills. In other words, you may want to invest in a different health supplement that has more evidential support posted on the official website. Unfortunately, when it comes to Acai Slim, the official site is like a massive ad.

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27 User Reviews about Acai Slim

  • 1

    I have used it and it only works with low carb diet with exercise. If u want to eat carbs then eat good carbs before 4pm. But I have protien an veg for after 4pm an find that it works well like that. Try it. You have to be very disciplined I have lost 5lbs in 2 weeks.



    this diet is good but if yukeep on to it , you will still loose weight no need off supplements yu are wasting your money


  • 2

    I’ve just received my delivery of Power Acai Slim, been reading the reviews, seem mostly negative, but just hope for the best!!


  • 3

    doesnt work. simple as that. brought 2 bottles and the ultra cleanse, did nothing.


  • 4

    Am considering purchasing acaislim and have just read review on this product. Alot of people are saying that it doesnt work for them but before ordering it clearly states that it does not work for everyone and that they off $50 if you do not lose any weight and will refund unopened bottles! It also clearly states the total cost and yet the review says it doesnt? Im confused, anyway I will most likely trial it too and hope fot the best!!


  • 5

    I found the same, they kept using my credit card and was unable to cancel had to cancel card in the finish, it is a money making hoax be wary


  • 6

    I ordered acai slim and they have taken £130.00 from my account insteead of the £2.50 p&p you cannot cancel and I have now had to cancel my card!!!


  • 7
    mary smith



  • 8

    I have been using for 2 weeks and have had awesome results plus my general internal health and my skin have improved as well



    hi rebecca, i have been using it for a week now and i feel like i’m putting on weight, can you tell me how you are taking it and if you made any lifestyle changes.


  • 9

    i just orded acaislim and ultra colon cleanse does the stuff actually work?


  • 10

    not too happy with this product acai slim which i have use for just over 2 weeks now and my weight has gone up not down and i have been eating healthy too :-(


  • 11

    can anyone please tell me if this stuff really works



    biggest rip off
    it does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    It does not work.
    I used both products.
    Do not get it.


  • 12

    I ordered a bottle on 3 Oct, 2010 and contacted ‘Louise” from customer support”. The order was chased up immediately and arrived 10 days late as the shipement came directly from the USA. Australian warehouse has sold out. I have started the tabs 3 days ago so wait….The customer support was excellent and timely. There is a support email attached to the advert – find it and use it. Good luck!



    Hi there – curious to see how your weightloss is going on Acaislim?


  • 13

    NOT HAPPY. Felt it was a rip off.


  • 14

    i managed to buy two bottles of acaislim and one bottle of ultra cleanse through paypal. this ensured i wasn’t ripped off or put on a subscription or anything.

    order turned up fine but i’ve yet to start using it



    So, have you started using the acaislim and ultracleanse yet? Very curious…awaiting my delivery! Hope its working for you!



    Cool i hope its has/will work


  • 15
    vitalis mutiro

    What are the side effects associated with consuming acai slim


  • 16

    This product can now be found in GNC stores and is the same as their NEW product, Acai Pure. It’s less risk getting it from GNC. The only difference in Acai Slim and Acai Pure is that the Ascai Slim has less Green Leaf Tea Extract and Less Caffeine. It also have a few less ingredients.



    yes, I got it from GNC also. I’ve only been on it for a week now & lost 2lbs so far, but I am not sure if it’s the pills or the fact that I’ve stepped up my exercise plan. Maybe a little bit of both. I have learned that you cannot have successful weightloss unless you eat right and exercise. Cutting calories is definitely the key


  • 17

    This is a rip off. They change their website so that you can’t contact them;in addition, they don’t include packing slips or other communication with shipment, so it was difficult to get in touch with them to make cancellations.



    Ah! I’m in that boat now. How DID you get a hold of them to cancel?



    Best way to get anyone not to continue charging to your credit card ot ATM is to just CANCEL them!!. They will not be able to ever charge again!!!