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What You Should Know

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Acai Vital is a weight-loss supplement geared towards Latinos. The home page of the manufacturer features details about their product in Spanish. Toda la informacción es en español. (All of the information is in Spanish.)

This product claims to give you the many health benefits associated with the acai berry, including weight loss in a completely natural form.

This weight-loss supplement comes in capsule form, and is meant to be taken at least once daily.

List of Ingredients

The only ingredient given is acai berry extract.

This product does claim to be all natural, but it may contain other substances known to be harmful. Since not all the ingredients are provided, it is possible that this product could have harmful side effects associated with chemicals used as filler ingredients.

Product Features

As mentioned above, this product claims to help you lose weight because of the main ingredient: the acai berry. Acai berries were “discovered” only a few years ago in South America. Acai is a tropical fruit containing many nutrients. It also contains many antioxidants, which help fight off cancer.

This product also claims to give you other health benefits, such as softer, smoother skin. It also claims to detoxify your body, helping you get rid of extra waste. Unfortunately, not many reliable studies have been done on the health benefits of the acai berry. We do know that it contains several vitamins and minerals, but if you buy Acai Vital expecting it to be everything the advertising promises, you will probably be disappointed.

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  • Acai Vital’s homepage has several recommendations from satisfied customers. The website also has a doctor’s recommendation for using this product as a healthy way to lose weight. Also, the homepage includes pictures of celebrities and others who supposedly use acai-based weight loss products.
  • A free trial offer of this product is available.


  • One major disadvantage of this product is that no list of ingredients is given. This means that customers could be consuming harmful toxins when they take Acai Vital.
  • Another disadvantage of this product is the purchasing process. In order to find out what the price actually is, you have to first sign up for a free trial. Only then can you find out what the price for a regular order is. Some companies use techniques like this and automatically sign up customers for expensive orders. While this is not the case with all websites, you should be careful when signing up for offers like this.
  • Another disadvantage of this product is the lack of credibility. It may not do exactly what it’s supposed to. Because the acai berry hasn’t been used in supplements for very long, there is not much research to support the advertiser’s claims.
  • Also, this product’s website does not give any guidelines for a healthy diet or exercise program.


So if you are looking for a natural way to lose weight, Acai Vital might be an option for you, but keep in mind there are many other choices. If combined with a healthy diet and exercise, this product might help you lose weight, but there are several other supplements that may work better and faster.

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