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The Acai berry is widely regarded as one of the healthiest fruits on the market today. Indigenous to Brazil and other parts of South America, this fruit has been eaten by native Amazonians for centuries and is, on some accounts, responsible for their fairly good health. This berry spoils quickly. Consequently, it cannot be sold fresh outside of South America. Many health food businesses have tapped into this little berry’s big potential by harvesting, bottling and shipping its juice.

Acai100 claims to be 100% undiluted Acai berry juice with no added sweeteners, sugars and preservatives. It is marketed and produced by Genesis Today, a company operating out of Austin, TX. This product is primarily distributed through online retailers, but you may be able to find it in stock at a store-front retailer in your area.

List of Ingredients

100% Acai berry juice

Product Features

Acai100 contains 100% Acai juice. Acai berries are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and omega-fatty acids. Doctor’s are researching this berries powerful antioxidation properties and the impact that these properties may have on diseases caused by oxidative stress (e.g. heart disease and cancer). Currently, there is no conclusive evidence demonstrating that Acai berries reduce the chances of heart disease or cancer.

Though this product claims to be undiluted Acai juice, no one is guaranteeing the potency of its juice. The water content of juices varies from fruit to fruit and fluctuates based on environmental factors. As a result, the potency of batches of “pure” Acai juice will vary. Several complaints have been lodged against the producers of this “pure” beverage alleging that some of the batches are “watered down.” With all of the environmental factors involved in producing the Acai berry, the bottled product does not have a consistent potency.

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  • Acai100 is a nutritious beverage; rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • This product may be good for your heart and skin (i.e. this product is high in antioxidants that may be good for your heart and skin).
  • Acai juice tastes good.


  • At $35-$45 per 32 fl. ounce bottle, this juice is very expensive.
  • This juice may not be available through a local distributor.
  • Acai100 will probably not help you lose weight any more than cranberry or blueberry juice will.
  • The potency (or concentration) of this product varies from batch-to-batch relative to environmental conditions. Some batches will be closer to flavored water than a nutrient-rich, life-enhancing beverage.


Acai100 is a healthy beverage option that could be included in a healthy diet with beneficial results. This beverage does not directly induce weight loss and may or may not lower your chances of getting heart disease and cancer.

With the aforementioned conclusions in place, you could save a lot of money and receive the same health benefits by purchasing a more easily accessible fruit juice (e.g. cranberry, blueberry, etc) and multi-vitamins. These easy-to-access products when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you lose weight.

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