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Acai Berry Products and Supplement Information

The Acai Berry grows on the Acai Palm trees that are indigenous to Central and South America. There are 8 known species of palm trees that produce the berries and they grow mainly in floodplains and swampy areas. The berries themselves are black-purple and less pulpy than grapes. Acai is rich in antioxidants that have been known to fight disease and premature aging. In fact, the Acai berry supplements have three times as much antioxidant as any fruit or vegetable. This article will discuss the two main forms of supplementation along with their known side effects.

Juices and Pills

The Acai berry supplements can be purchased in powder, juice and capsule form. The capsules are easier to take than the juices and much more convenient than mixing powders. There has been research that suggests that the juices contain less antioxidant than the fruit itself. The pills that utilize freeze drying the berries are said to be more potent since the antioxidants and nutrients are thought to be better preserved.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects to the berries, juice or freeze dried Acai. There have been studies that show that individuals with pollen allergies might also have allergies to the Acai. Additionally, if an individual has any underlying conditions that adversely affect their health they should consult a physician before taking acai berry or any other form of supplement.

Pure Supplements

There are some companies that offer products that are simply pure acai pulp with no other ingredients. Individuals wishing to take these supplements should always check the ingredients list to see if there are any “non-active” ingredients, such as fillers, that could adversely affect them.

Side Effects

Even in products that claim to be 100% pure there can be other ingredients that can cause unsafe side effects. Fillers and ingredients such as caffeine or Senna leaf can cause unwanted side effects that are not necessarily from the acai itself. Any individual wishing to take supplements for weight loss should always read ingredients lists and check with their physician before starting any supplement regimen.


It is possible to overdose oneself with acai berry supplements. An overdose could lead to unwanted health complications. It is important to always pay attention to the recommended daily dose restrictions.

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