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In fitness magazines and infomercials the acai berry is hailed as a revolutionary diet product that could possibly cleanse away toxins and melt away weight. Acai Away is a leading formulation from the acai berry. It’s marketed primarily as a cleanser that may allow the user to flush away both toxins and weight, as well as increase energy. Acai Away also claims to be able to jump-start a sluggish metabolism and to improve poor skin.

List of Ingredients

Acai Berry Powder is the only listed ingredient on the manufacturer’s website or on diet product review sites, although the word formula appears frequently and would seem to indicate that other ingredients are present.


Product Features

Acai Away is loaded with anti-oxidants. The product claims to be the best anti-oxidant cleanse in America. The acai berry reportedly contains 10 times the number of anti-oxidants found in red grapes.

In addition to lots of anti-oxidants, this product is rich in fat-burning acids such as amino acids and Omega-9 fatty acids, which may increase energy and fat-burning potential.

The product comes in capsule form. Consumers are directed to start taking a single capsule at night, and build up until they are taking 3 capsules each evening. Taking more than 3 capsules per day is not advised. There is no information about whether it’s advisable for minors to use Acai Away.

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  • Since Acai Away’s primary ingredient is a natural berry with no known side effects, using the product does not present significant health risk to the dieter.
  • There is currently a risk-free trial being offered on Acai Away. Dieters who do not notice the significant weight loss the product is supposed to deliver can return the remaining product, and be out only the cost of the shipping.


  • Lack of a complete list of Acai Away ingredients. Words like formula and formulation appear on various websites, but the exact ingredient list is not included. The manufacturer website says that only all-natural ingredients are used and that those ingredients have FDA approval.
  • Lack of before and after photos specifically related to people who used Acai Away. Lots of photos are available for a host of acai berry products, but not for Acai Away itself.
  • Much of the initial weight loss may be primarily from the cleansing aspects of the product, and not really indicative of permanent weight loss.


The current risk-free trial makes Acai Away an attractive choice for people who feel they would benefit from a weight-loss product that also cleanses away toxins. Consumers should realize, though, that simply cleansing is unlikely to lead to permanent weight loss.

Acai Away promotions give little attention to long-term benefits of healthful eating habits and regular exercise. Studies indicate that maximum long-term benefit is achieved when diet products are combined with wise eating and exercise.

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