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If you are like many dieters, you may take one look at the plethora of weight loss pills and supplements currently available and just cringe. This is to be expected. After all, there are a lot of dietary supplements and fat loss formulas to sift through. While you may want to find that perfect pill that gets the job done for you, it is imperative to make certain the product is safe. Mixed in with all of these diet products are numerous Acai-based formulas. This Brazilian fruit has made its way to America, and it is being used in so many supplements and beverages these days. This is where AcaiBurn Extreme comes in. It is one of the weight loss products that feature this all natural component.

The primary active ingredients used in AcaiBurn Extreme are Acai Berry Extract (may aid with fat burning and combat free radical damage), Garcinia Cambogis Extract (helps burn off carbohydrates), Gymnema Sylvestre Extract (helps to regulate blood glucose levels), and Chromium Polyniconate (may heighten the user’s metabolism). This product is intended to be taken daily.

List of Ingredients

Acai Berry Extract, Garcinia Cambogis Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, and Chromium Polyniconate.

Product Features

AcaiBurn Extreme is a diet product made with men specifically in mind. Also known as AcaiBurn Extreme for Men, this dietary supplement is claimed to burn off fat, but help build lean muscle at the same time. It is also supposed to aid with healthy digestion, increase the user’s metabolism, and boost energy levels. Some websites that market this formula also claim that it improves sexual stamina, prevents hair loss, reduces your chance of heart disease, and minimizes risks of prostate and colon cancer. Overall, AcaiBurn Extreme can potentially help users drop up to 14 pounds on average. Unfortunately there is no price mentioned for this weight loss product, nor is there a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offered. AcaiBurn Extreme is an over-the-counter dietary supplement that is acquired online.

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  • This formula contains Acai Berry Extract, which contains calcium, vitamin c and fiber.
  • There is no prescription needed for AcaiBurn Extreme for Men.
  • This diet formula may reduce the user’s risk of getting heart disease.


  • There is no price mentioned for AcaiBurn Extreme.
  • This weight loss pill in only for men.
  • There are no testimonials provided to support this supplement.
  • The official website appears to be down or out of commission.
  • The company that created AcaiBurn Extreme for Men is not discussed.


In the end, AcaiBurn Extreme for Men is not a very appealing product simply because there is very little information provided on it. Not only is the price unavailable, but there is no official website for this diet product at this time. Furthermore, no testimonials or clinical research are provided to support the claims made about AcaiBurn Extreme for Men. Lastly, this is apparently one of those “free trial offer” Acai products, which requires a credit card number that will likely be charged two to four weeks later (the amount is unknown).

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