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What You Should Know

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AcaiBurn Plus is designed as a tool for both weight loss and overall health enhancement. At the heart of this product is South America’s anti-oxidant rich acai berry which supposedly is able to burn fats very quickly, aid in good digestion, and increase the effectiveness of an individual’s immune system.

AcaiBurn Plus combines the benefits of the acai berry with the nutritive strength of green tea.

A distinctive of this product is its quick freeze-drying process that allows the harvested acai berries to retain their top potency and deliver peak benefits to consumers.

List of Ingredients

A straightforward list of ingredients was not something to be found, but one site listed the ingredients as simply acai berry and green tea. The manufacturer’s website says that AcaiBurn Plus is Ephedra-free, and that it is produced at an FDA-approved facility.

Product Features

AcaiBurn Plus has twice as many antioxidants as anti-oxidant rich blueberries and 10-30 times the number of anti-oxidants found in red wine.

Although acai berry products are known primarily for their anti-oxidants, AcaiBurn Plus claims to also have more protein per pound than an egg.

The presence of Omega-3 oils, monounsaturated fats and dietary fiber promote general personal health including a strengthened immune system and good digestion.

The cleansing aspects of AcaiBurn Plus tend to help most consumers lose a few pounds fairly quickly, which can act as a catalyst to encourage them to continue their weight loss program.

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  • Using the product can result in an increased level of energy.
  • Clinical studies suggest that the product does work effectively for some.
  • At least one set of before and after photos supports the manufacturer’s claims.


  • The product does contain caffeine.
  • Very little information about the product is available on the web, except via the manufacturer’s website.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing a baby, as well as those under 18 should consult a doctor before using this product.
  • Although a free sample of AcaiBurn Plus is now available from the manufacturer, consumers wanting to take advantage of this offer will need to input their height, weight, gender, and goal weight to determine if they are eligible to receive the sample.


Many diet products on the market today include the acai berry. Some have low satisfaction ratings from customers. The fact that this product has testimonials from satisfied customers as well as photos that support its claims tends to validate the product.

However, this product gives very little mention to either healthful eating habits or regular exercise, both of which are widely documented to play a significant role in both weight loss and overall health.

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