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You will not have to look hard for a diet pill that contains Acai Berry Extract. If you have not noticed, this is a key ingredient used in many weight loss supplements. According to some “experts,” Acai Berries assist with fat loss, appetite suppression, increased energy levels, and overall health. However, there is no clinical research that directly links Acai Berries to fat loss. One of the many Acai-based diet formulas available online is AcaiFit. It is suitable for guys and girls. This product is advertised as a multi-benefit supplement to aid with overall health and well being.


  • Acai Berry Extract

Product Features

AcaiFit is touted as a powerful weight loss formula. Like most other Acai products, this supplement is sold via an official website, which offers a “free trial” bottle. However, this likely means giving your credit card information, and then being charged for AcaiFit within the next 30 days. This amount may be quite high, and an auto-ship program may also apply. This means you will be sent a new bottle each month, and charged each month as well. No user reviews or testimonials were found to support this diet formula.

The only ingredient mentioned for AcaiFit is Acai Berry Extract. This Brazilian fruit extract does contain vitamins, nutrients, protein, fiber, and antioxidants, which are all wonderful for the body. While these nutrients may assist with overall health, they do not specifically address fat loss. There are no proven appetite suppressants or fat burners used in AcaiFit pills. You should also note that there is not a refund policy mentioned with this supplement.

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  • This supplement offers antioxidants to fight free radical damage.
  • This product may improve immune system health and regularity.


  • Since no actual price is posted for AcaiFit, it could be very expensive.
  • There were no success stories found to support this weight loss formula.
  • Like many Acai-based supplements, you will likely be enrolled in an auto-ship program that charges you monthly.
  • There is no mention of a refund policy with this diet pill.
  • It is unclear how this product actually encourages weight loss.


While you can certainly get some nutritional value from consuming Acai Berries, there is no proven link between this fruit and weight loss. Therefore it makes no sense to order AcaiFit if your primary goal is fat reduction. This product may provide antioxidants to fend off free radicals, but it lacks appetite suppressants and ingredients to boost your metabolism. Moreover, there is likely an auto-ship program involved when you request AcaiFit. This means you will be charged monthly, and sent a new bottle of this product, which is something you probably do not want.

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