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Seeking out the right health supplement or diet pill can be quite the task. Many people these days are searching for all-natural products. However, just because something is all-natural, does not mean it is healthy. Among the many “natural” supplements, you will discover plenty of products containing Acai fruit extracts. One of these formulas is AcaiPure, a product that endeavors to improve the user’s health, aid with fat loss, and combat free radical damage in the body to prevent diseases like cancer.

To give you a better idea of what Acai fruit is, we will go over its benefits. These berries come from the Brazilian Amazon rainforests. They have been used by indigenous people for many years for common health reasons. Acai fruit contains high levels of antioxidants to combat free radical damage. This unique fruit also contains vitamins e and c, as well as plenty of fiber. So naturally Acai berries are a healthy fruit to consume, but this does not mean AcaiPure is as beneficial.

List of Ingredients

Not provided on an official website.

Product Features

AcaiPure is one of many weight loss supplements that contains the primary component Acai Berry Extract. Although it was once marketed as an over-the-counter supplement online, it no longer appears to be available. There are no other ingredients listed for this product, but like most Acai-based formulas, it is directed to be taken daily. Some of the benefits users may experience when taking AcaiPure are weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, heightened energy, improved mental clarity, and better digestive health. The cost of AcaiPure is unclear, since this capsule formula was only available in a free trial form. After a month has passed, the user is then charged for the next container of AcaiPure capsules. The amount you are charged is not given.

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  • Acai berries are high in antioxidants and fiber.
  • There was no prescription required for AcaiPure capsules.


  • This weight loss product does not seem to be available any longer.
  • There are no positive reviews presented for AcaiPure.
  • A full list of ingredients is not provided for this dietary supplement.
  • There are plenty of complaints and warnings online pertaining to AcaiPure.
  • A credit card number is required in order to receive a free trial.


Over the past few years, Acai-based products have been showing up everywhere. While many more continue to pop up, others, like AcaiPure, continue to disappear. Although this supplement formula may have offered some health benefits, it is unclear whether or not it truly assisted with fat reduction and long-term weight loss. Regardless, it does not appear to be offered via an official website, or any website for that matter any longer. Fortunately there are many other weight loss formulas to choose from.

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