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In the plethora of acai berry products on the market, it’s hard to determine which acai berry product to choose. Acai Thin combines the anti-oxidants and cholesterol-fighting benefits of green tea with the anti-oxidant and cleansing strength of the acai berry. This is meant to help reduce the consumer’s fatigue levels, increase his energy level and strengthen his concentration and focus.

The product is not available in stores; it must be purchased directly from the manufacturer and is generally purchased online in 30-day quantities that consist of 60 pills, 2 of which are taken each day. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people under the age of 18 are discouraged from taking the product.

List of Ingredients

The product website mentions only the acai berry. Other websites explain that the product also contains green tea. No other ingredients are mentioned.

Product Features

The product is marketed as a colon cleanser as well as a weight-loss product. It’s formulated to help absorb and expel toxins from the body. AcaiThin contains a large percentage of actual acai berry extract and high fiber content. The cleansing nature of the product is purported to make the customer feel revitalized and to encourage rapid loss of a few pounds, which may or may not return when a consumer stops taking the product.

Distinctive features of this product are its very high concentrations of anti-oxidants and other nutrients. Both the acai berry and green tea contribute large amounts of anti-oxidants to the formula.

Acai Thin claims to increase the body’s fat-burning ability, to strengthen its immune system and to suppress the appetite.

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  • Reviews indicate that some people get good results with the product. Best results are generally achieved when AcaiThin is used in conjunction with a diet program and exercise regimen.
  • The manufacturer offers a free trial of its product.
  • The product contains only all-natural ingredients, with few side effects.


  • The AcaiThin website contains very little information about product specifics such as an exact ingredient list.
  • No before and after pictures were related specifically to AcaiThin.
  • The product focuses only on the dietary supplement, even though many of the people in the testimonials said their weight loss was due partly to careful eating and regular exercise.
  • The diuretic effect of the caffeine in the green tea may be problematic to some people.
  • Unrealistic claims of large amounts of weight loss may make people think that dozens of pounds will melt away instantly, without any effort on their part.


AcaiThin is similar in many ways to other acai products, especially those that contain green tea. Large amounts of anti-oxidants are contributed by both of the products main ingredients.

This product is relatively new and bears watching to see how it performs in the long-term.

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