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Accel Rx Research is a company founded by two board certified psychiatrists. They conduct their clinical trials and research in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The main focus of Accel Rx Research is, “the health and safety of the patients”. They often conduct clinical trials on the following conditions Alzheimer’s disease, depression, post-menopausal depression, geriatric depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and obesity.

Product Features

The staff at Accel Rx Research consists of board certified psychiatrists, certified clinical research coordinators, registered nurses and masters-prepared clinicians. All potential participants, in the clinical trials, are ensured utmost confidentiality and treated with utmost respect. Doctors and other staff members are always available to answer questions or concerns that the participants may have. Accel Rx Research works closely with pharmaceutical companies in order to “bring out more innovative treatment opportunities to the local areas of Rhode Island and the Southeastern portion of Massachusetts”. All potential participants get an in-depth look at what a clinical trial is and what is may entail prior to beginning the clinical trial. Accel Rx Research provide all participants with contact number(s) just in case they have any questions or concerns during off-hours. They also provide all a website in which all potential participants can go and learn about the founding physician’s and their education and experience. The website also provides information on how to enter a clinical trial and what the potential benefits are of the clinical trials. The clinical trials conducted at Accel Rx Research include the following for most trials prescription medication that is not yet available to the public, physical examinations, laboratory testing, access to all of the staff involved in the clinical trial as well as compensation for their time and travel expenses.

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  • All clinical trials are free to those who qualify and wish to participate.
  • The care and well-being of the participants is of utmost importance to the staff at Accel Rx Research.
  • All clinical trials are conducted by board certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, certified clinical research coordinators and masters-prepared clinicians.
  • All clinical trial participants are compensated for their time and travel and well as receive plenty of medical monitoring.
  • The staff at Accel Rx Research makes sure that they are always available to those participating in clinical trials and those interested in participating in clinical trials.


  • The Accel Rx Research website provides no testimonials by participants in any past studies.
  • This is a pretty radical approach to weight loss intended for clinical obesity, not really for casual dieters.


Accel Rx Research provide clinical studies much like other research companies. They ensure privacy and respect and it is run by top professionals in the industry. It will be the decision of the potential participant if they feel that Accel Rx Research is right for them, though it is clearly not a program to be undertaken casually.

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