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Accelerative Nutraceuticals is a line of products that focuses on building energy for athletes through natural ingredients. Many of the products are designed to supplement meals, replace meals, or build muscle. A new product, called MuscleSpeed, is a new supplement that Accelerative Nutraceuticals released. It is currently the main product under the name Accelerative Nutraceuticals that is not produced for another company.

List of Ingredients

Acetyl L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vinpocetine and Huperzine A.

Product Features

Accelerative Nutraceuticals’ MuscleSpeed claims to release several different hormones in the body that help build up athletic performance. It also claims that the user will better be able to focus on the task at hand. The product is designed for the most extreme athletes to be able to have more energy and burn more fat, therefore improving in their area of athletics. Musclespeed is considered a thermogenic fat burner, and it is claimed that the first effect can be felt within an hour of taking it. The promise is better focus during workouts, better results, and faster results if the user is consistent and follows the directions.

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  • MuscleSpeed is a thermogenic fat burner.
  • The product will help an athlete focus more on what he is doing. While this may seem to only apply to athletics, it is also reported that the product will assist in more focus in every aspect of life, even outside of sports.
  • MuscleSpeed does not require more than a small tablet, so it is more convenient than other products that may require a more involved process of preparation.


  • Not taking MuscleSpeed for a day can cause caffeine withdrawal if the user does not drink coffee or tea or some other drink with caffeine in it.
  • MuscleSpeed must be taken every day to see the desired results, so the user would need to be able to take it every day. Not taking the supplement would result in symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.
  • The price could be a little high for some who wish to try it. The normal supply is 90 days, and it usually sells for around $64.95. Some have said that the price has gone down to $49.99, but that is still a high price to pay for a 90 day supply.


Overall, Accelerative Nutraceuticals’ MuscleSpeed seems to be a safe and effective product when used according to the directions. Some athletes may find it worth the high price to lose the weight they want to lose. Reviews on the site from users have been favorable to the product, with many mentioning that they liked the results that MuscleSpeed delivered and how it improved workouts. The convenience of the product is something to note as well, and users should also be pleased with the convenience at which they can improve their workouts and lose the weight they want to lose. However, the price may be too high for those trying to simply lose weight.

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