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Accelerator 3 is a fat loss supplement designed by Mannatech. The formula contains some proven ingredients packaged with stimulants. The official website for the supplement and company is easy to navigate. Products do not appear to be for sale from the official website, but dieters can order Manntech supplements like Accelerator 3 from various online retailers. What dieters are looking for are proven fat burners combined with an appetite suppressant to combat hunger associated with increased metabolism. Accelerator 3 has all of this, but the extra ingredients may not prove to be beneficial additions.

List of Ingredients

Asian Ginseng Extract, Chromium, Green Tea Extract, Guarana Extract, Rhodiola Extract and


Product Features

Chromium is the first proven ingredient in Accelerator 3. Chromium help control blood sugar so the dieter doesn’t feel overwhelming hunger. When reducing calorie intake, some dieters feel hungry. Combine that reduced calorie intake with a proven fat burner and the hunger goes off the charts. Chromium keeps blood glucose in line so cravings for simple carbohydrates are less overpowering.

Green tea extract is one of our favorite ingredients. There are more than 100 studies dedicated to the health benefits of green tea. Green tea contains both caffeine and EGCG. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases metabolism. EGCG also increases metabolism, but it has no stimulating effects.

Guarana is another stimulant, but it does not have the clinical prowess of caffeine or green tea. The dieter may feel the added stimulation makes them feel a bit shaky or nauseous. Typically, these side effects wane over time, but so does the stimulating power of guarana.

Theobromine is the final stimulant. It is in the xanthine family. The same family as caffeine. Theobromine is likely included in Accelerator 3 as a source of caffeine.

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  • Mannatech lists all of the ingredients for Accelerator 3.
  • There are three proven ingredients in the formula.
  • Green tea is proven to boost metabolism.


  • Guarana is not a proven stimulant.
  • The supplement will likely cause negative side effects like jitters and nausea.


Losing weight for good requires lifestyle changes. Some dieters are successful at losing weight by simply eating less and moving more, but that is not the case with all dieters. We like the fact that companies offer proven fat burners with clinical studies proving the effects on weight loss. The addition of more stimulants is not needed, but overall this formula is not as bad as some weight loss products. Dieters need to talk with a physician before taking this supplement or any natural stimulant. This is especially important if the dieter has underlying heart conditions or is taking prescription medication.

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