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What You Should Know

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Acceletrim is a weight loss system that combines two separate fat fighting products together. The Accelemax and AcceleRX supplements together equals Acceletrim.

Acceletrim claims that you can have it all without will power, giving up your favorite foods, hours of exercise in the gym, and without starving.

Acceletrim is made by Results Laboratories with headquarters in Aurora, CO. There is a contact number for customer service as well as an email, but there is no separate web page or information on the laboratory to get background information, scientists who work there, or any information on why we should trust Results Laboratories.

Product Features

The Accelemax part of the duo is formulated for carb blocking, appetite suppression, fat burning, and metabolic boosting. The other half, AcceleRX, is formulated to stimulate your mood, feelings of sexuality and willpower. Replacing the addiction caused by a lack of serotonin in your brain, and to fight fatigue.


Ingredients for Accelemax and AcceleRX are listed below.There isn’t an entire list of ingredients, nor amounts of anything but below is a list of that they do tell you is in the formula.Slimaluma (Caraluna Fimbriata)—patented ingredient in Accelemax that is considered a “famine food” and endurance enhancer. Claims to block the activity of certain enzymes that are believed to actually block the fat absorption thus forcing the body to burn excess fat reserves. P57 Hoodia Gordinia—South African cactus extract for appetite suppression. Supposed to help curb your cravings and allow you to not be driven by a sensation of hunger during the day.Apple Cider Vinegar—smoothes digestion while alkalizing and aiding in removing extra fluid in the body.Caffeine—about the amount you would find in coffee, tea, or soda. It is used to help speed up metabolism.Vitamin B-6—plays a role in good metabolic health.Phaseolamine—Carb Blocker.EGCC Green Tea Extract—works to normalize blood sugar.The AcceleRX’s list of partial ingredients are as follows:Cocoa Extract—releasing the serotonin into your brain.Rhodiola—a flower that helps with elevating depressed or fatigued moods.5HTP—a natural precursor to serotonin.N-acytel—appetite suppressant.ATP—(Adenosine Triphosphate) plays a role as an energy source in every cell.

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  • There are no exercise programs to follow.
  • can be purchased directly from the website.


  • no list of complete ingredients.
  • no background information on who actually makes and manufactures the product.
  • this is expensive for many people.


Everyone wants to have weight loss be easy and smooth. We support efforts when supplements are used as part of a healthy lifestyle, but with a website such as Acceletrim where pizza, pasta, doughnuts and the like are pictured on the website, it’s giving the reader a false sense of security. Everyone knows that you cannot continue to eat like that and lose weight over an extended period of time and keep it off. Stick to what science and common sense knows works…a lifestyle that promotes healthy foods, exercise, and supplements that aid, not take over, the efforts of the person trying to lose the weight.

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    Need a botlle. Is a wonderful product and I need it asap


  • 2

    Need a bottle of acceletrim weight lost pill


  • 3
    Eddie Saldivar

    Hi I have a question Accelitrm are you stil selling your diet pills please if you do let me know because i want to buy some thanks!!


  • 4

    What is the phone numer of customer service? I want to buy acceletrim, but the webpage wont let me…


    L Bean

    The number for Accelatrim is 301-223-0093. The catch is they offer the first month for $2 including shipping. If you don’t cancel within 2 weeks you are sent monthly shipments and billed $79.51 per month!


  • 5
    Luz Diaz

    What your phone for contacts about acceletrim


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    Angelica Ibanez

    how acceletrim works? and how can I get a free trial?