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Accomplix is a dietary supplement that’s claimed to assist with weight maintenance and overall health. This product does not require a doctor’s prescription and is available for purchase through the official website. It sells for a retail cost of $74.95, but the website currently states that it can be acquired for $59.90. Unlike many diet drugs and weight loss products, Accomplix is stated to be “doctor recommended.” Overall, this supplement aims to prevent weight gain, promote fat reduction and assist the user’s metabolism. It is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So many diet pills are described as “different from the others.” Well, Accomplix may be in the same boat. The website for this supplement does claim that Accomplix is “safer and more advanced” than other weight loss products. Although this diet supplement is not approved by the FDA, it is described as scientifically formulated. Accomplix contains Hoodia Gordonii (suppresses appetite) as one of its primary active ingredients. Hoodia is a well-known diet drug ingredient that comes from a South African cactus plant. Unfortunately other “scientifically proven” components are not revealed on the website. Accomplix is claimed to break down sugars before they can be converted to fat and stored within the body. This diet product additionally endeavors to balance hormone levels. A few success stories are posted on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Accomplix is a diet drug that’s directed to be taken twice each day, once in the morning before breakfast (2 capsules) and again six hours later (1 capsule). This product should always be taken with a glass of water and on an empty stomach. Accomplix ideally curbs hunger, helps the metabolism, prevents fat storage, balances hormones and promotes weight loss. Men and women who’re 18 and older can take Accomplix supplements. Women who are nursing or pregnant should refrain from taking Accomplix. No exercise program is necessary with this diet drug. Accomplix does not contain Ephedrine.

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  • This diet product is available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • It’s stated on the official website that clinical studies have been done with Accomplix.
  • Accomplix doesn’t contain Ephedrine.
  • Some success stories are offered on the website.


  • There is a warning on the official website pertaining to individuals who currently take prescription drugs.
  • Exercise and regular fitness regimens are not encouraged with Accomplix supplements.
  • There is no full list of ingredients posted on the website, which may not be good for individuals with allergies.
  • Healthy eating and diet plans are not addressed with the taking of Accomplix.
  • Although the “key ingredients” are touted several times on the website, they are not revealed (only Hoodia is).


While Accomplix may be “doctor recommended” and effective for some individuals, this doesn’t change the lack of data found on their official website. It may annoy some dieters that Accomplix active ingredients are routinely mentioned on the website, but never actually revealed and explained. There are so many diet supplements available these days without a prescription. It certainly makes sense to consult your physician before taking any.

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